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Keyboard tricks and shortcuts in LayOut

Just like in Google SketchUp, there are keyboard modifiers that let you control how LayOut functions while you are creating your LayOut designs. Below are a few that you may not know about.

Copying a selection

Similar to SketchUp, you can Copy/Move a selection by holding down CTRL (Option on a Mac) while moving an object.

Nudging items on a page

Using the arrow keys on your keyboard allows you to move your selections up, down, right and left in precise increments. The distance of each "nudge" is determined by your document's unit settings:

  • Metric: move in increments of 0.5 mm
  • English (inches and feet): move in increments of 1/64"
  • Points: move in increments of 1 pt
You can also hold down Shift (along with an arrow key) to nudge in bigger increments:
  • Metric: move in increments of 5 mm
  • English (inches and feet): move in increments of 1/4"
  • Points: move in increments of 10 pt
Scaling a selection

Holding down Shift while resizing a selection window allows you to scale your selection proportionately. If you use Shift in conjunction with Alt (Command on a Mac), your selection scales proportionately about its center.

Modifying lines, arcs & curves

You can edit the shape and direction of lines and arcs by double-clicking to edit them. While in edit mode, you can add control points and convert lines into Bézier curves by holding down CTRL when you click them:

Double-click on line segments or arcs to edit them.

While editing, click while holding down CTRL (Option on a Mac) to add control points.

While editing, left click-drag on a control point while holding down CTRL (Option on a Mac) to add Bézier handles, and to convert a line into a Bézier curve.

Sampling Styles

Tapping S allows you to sample the style of an existing object and apply it to a selection:

  1. Select the items you want to change.
  2. Tap S on your keyboard and click any entity to sample its style properties. Bingo! Your selection automatically takes on the new style. This works on any object on the page, including shapes, text and labels.
You can also sample a style while you're in the middle of using any 2 or 3-click tool – Rectangle, Circle, Line and Label, for example:
  1. Click once to place your first point.
  2. Tap S and click to sample another object on the page.
  3. Finish whatever element you're drawing. It should have all the style properties of the object you sampled in Step 2.
Note that tapping the S key isn't a shortcut that activates the Sample tool; it's a special mode that works while you're in the middle of using another tool.

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