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Where's my model in Google Earth?

Since we retooled the building pipeline, the majority of 3D models intended for submission to Google Earth have gotten feedback from us; either when the model goes live in one of our weekly releases, or when feedback for model improvement gets sent to the modeler. In either case, most models have been getting some form of feedback within a week or two.

There's been one lamentable exception, however; it's possible for models to fail processing somewhere in the pipeline, and when that happened we weren't explaining the problem to the person whose model got stuck. While it's sad that there are ever models in this state, it's even worse when you have no idea what happened, and are left "Awaiting review" forever.

We're happy to announce that this situation has now changed. If you have a model that's too complex for our systems to handle or there's some other issue preventing the model from getting reviewed or going live, you will now find a "Processing issues" icon attached to the model. In some cases this will turn out to be something we can fix on our end. Otherwise, some things you might want to check are listed here.

We're working on providing more detailed feedback to help you pinpoint the problem. Additionally, after many requests, we've started labeling all "Google Earth Ready" models with an icon. You'll be able to tell at a glance which of your models have been accepted, which are awaiting review, and whether there's any models that weren't accepted and have feedback available. This should help our prolific modelers keep track of their collections more effectively. Happy modeling!

Allison Floyd, Google 3D Warehouse Team

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Shekhar Sahu said...

I am not getting proper url where i can put my models for Google Earth.
Please help

milo minderbinder said...

Hello Shekhar Sahu,

The only URL you need is the only thing you have to do is build your geo-located model, and click on 'the box with the orange arrow pointing up' in your toolbar. the icon should be in your 'getting started' -toolbar. Then you probably will have to login, and get a screen that askes you if you would like to purge your model. if your model is geo-located, you really should purge your model, so that the filesize is reduced. then you fill out the uploading-form you get when you've clicked 'yes' or 'no'. the main pieces that are required, are 'description', 'tags' and the checkbox that your model is google earth ready. then, you click upload, and you will be brought to the webpage where your model is shown. I hope this little bit of manual will help you!


Shekhar Sahu said...

Thank you milo,
I will try. Otherwise i felt that the modals i created would be worthless.