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Featured 3D Warehouse Product: KraftMaid by Masco

Many products have an aesthetic value on their own, but only really come to life when you see them placed in context. The folks over at KraftMaid Cabinetry have done an extraordinary job of not only uploading individual cabinets into the Google 3D Warehouse, but also providing complete kitchen designs meant to inspire designers.

KraftMaid’s models are Dynamic Components, meaning they're extra-easy to use: Each component is configurable by means of SketchUp's Component Options dialog box. The benefit? Instead of having to download dozens of models for each size and material combination for each cabinet, designers can download a single model that represents all possible configurations. The doors and drawers have built-in animation, too. With less work for KraftMaid and less hunting around for designers, everybody wins.

One more thing: Mark Johnson from KraftMaid has created a couple of 3D Warehouse collections to showcase modelers' designs: Projects by KraftMaid Fans and Designers + Architects using KraftMaid. If you'd like to submit your work for inclusion, click the "contact the owner" link on either collection's home page to send a message directly to Mark.

Steve Dapkus, SketchUp Team

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Jason Holtslander said...

I'd love it if you guys featured my SketchUp iconpack at:

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√Čva said...

Hi Steve!

I just love the sketchups you did on kraftmaid cabinets. What software did you use to create them, did you do it with the one google gave you? How long did the project take?


Eva Szabo