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Learning 3D with Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp has been popular with young 3D modelers and educators for years. It opens up the world of 3D like no other application, and teachers love the fact that SketchUp is free. I recently had a chance to look over our office copies of the ModelMetricks books, which show teachers and kids how to get the most out of SketchUp. These books are written by educational technology specialist, and long-time friend of SketchUp, Bonnie Roskes of 3DVinci. The design projects are based on the idea that some concepts can be easily taught with 3D immersion. Not to mention that 3D is fun and engaging. The books work with the free download of Google SketchUp and guide you through each activity, step-by-step, toward a specific modeling result.

Kids follow instructions towards the learning objective but retain space for their own creativity. One of my favorites, "Go to Your Room!" sounds bad, but is really fun. Kids are exposed to the basics of geometry, alignment, and scale in creating a room interior but have the discovery experience of finding and filling the room with cool components from Google 3D Warehouse.

As Bonnie notes, "activities include integration of digital images, interfacing with Google Earth, and creating puzzles and optical illusions. Kids as young as 8 can get started with the Basics Series, and the Intermediate and Advanced books can entertain all the way through high school."

Bonnie makes other resources available for students, parents and teachers on her website. She’s got books on geometry, free project guides for teachers, and a monthly project subscription. If you’re into geometry, be sure to also check out Bonnie’s free resources and projects on the Math Forum. Now, go to your room! Being grounded was never so fun.

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Craig said...

Just so people know: If you buy the PDF versions of Bonnie's books, they come with LockLizard DRM.

Larry Whittington said...

I purchased one of her books a couple of years ago. Locklizard isn't that much of a hassle. If I were selling pdfs of anything I wrote I'd do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

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