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Milwaukee and Indianapolis in 3D!

Today, we introduced two new 3D cities: Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Indianapolis, Indiana. Take a tour (download kml) of these new cities in Google Earth 5.

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LazerFX said...

That's all well and good, but when are you going to fix the >4GB memory and 64-bit issues (buildings not appearing fully textured)?

For more details -

It's been an issue for at least 9 months, and apparently nothing has happened. Without that, we can't appreciate the nice efforts that are going into this work, can't help in the 3D Building design, can't work with Google Earth as it should be.

fmblog said...

i want to upload a city in one peace but you tell me 32 mb are too much?!

Lars said...

What music is playing in the background?

adamr.200 said...

fmblog - The problem is that you do not meet the relevant user requirements to be able to upload whole cities. You have to be able to spell 'piece' correctly before they will let you do it.