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A new year, a new SketchUp build

To get the new year kicked off right, we've got a fresh new build of Google SketchUp (Free and Pro) for you to install. For this maintenance release, we focused on fixing some bugs and two security issues that we've had reported. This free upgrade is recommended for all SketchUp 7.x users, and is now available for download. Check out the release notes for all the obsessive detail, and keep those emails, forum posts and crash reports coming so we can find and fix more issues like these.

For those of you using our French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese translated product, this release of SketchUp 7.1 is also available in your language. We'll have more languages to release in the coming weeks as well.

If you're still running a SketchUp 6 build or something even older, now is a great time to upgrade. If you just can't let go of that SketchUp 6 install, we're going to issue a similar maintenance release for you in a couple weeks. But be warned: we can't keep fixing SketchUp 6 indefinitely, and will be moving our attention forward to the next major SketchUp release soon.

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Aerilius said...

Good things take time.
Danke! Grazie! Gracias! ありがとう!

Anonymous said...

It was my first successful install of the 7.1 version on Linux.

Your efforts were worth it. It's great to have the incredible performance improvements also available on Linux.

jazz said...

will installing the new build still let me use the dwg import feature i installed after updating to 7?!

Unknown said...

Hi Jazz -

Yes, this release is just a maintenance release, so the DWG importer will still work.

Anonymous said...

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fmb said...

serious problem:

i cannot share models via my
google earth account.
it seems to be an account problem! if anybody has experienced a similar problem please help!

Unknown said...

Is download a patch for my existing installation, or am I re-installing SketchUp complete?

Unknown said...

gerd are you talking about via wine?

Sketchup isn't out for Linux is it?! If it was that'd be AWESOME!

young china expat said...

As an avid user of sketchup since it was owned by @lastsoftware I've seen it develop through the last 7 years.

Appreciate all the bug fixes etc to make it more stable but there are still many fundemental fixes you guys at google need to do. With your resources I thought these were going to be done straight away when you bought it out instead of simply rebranding which seems to have happened.

Please this year try and do one thing for me and the many Architects out there who are the most prolific uses of this great software. This is when importing a CAD file, say .DWG, that nearly every time this is done, the intention is to turn it into an accurate 3D model from another drawing file (as its much quicker, more accurate, and ultimately what architects use) - now the issue is simple. The cad file has no surfaces to extrude and therefore these have to made. It can take many many frustrating hours of drawing over the top of lines to create surfaces, one by one, especially when creating city context models of repeated buildings. Not only that but the WORST thing about sketchup is the mindnumbing process of drawing triangles in a space until they get smaller and smaller till you find why that surface isn't being formed and then you are left with no answer to why that just happened. This issue has been around since the start and every avid user of skup knows this issue.

So please sort this one little nightmare problem out and you will save me + everyone else days, not hours of time!