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What can architects do for Haiti?

The following is part of an email we received from our friend Gary Smith at Green Mountain Geographics:

"Hurricane season runs from 1 June through November 30. That means that in alittle over 4 months a great many earthquake victims could be at seriousrisk once again. How does Haiti start to house its citizens? It would seemthat there is an immediate need to design suitable structures to replacewhat was destroyed by the earthquake. Could the SketchUp community bemobilized to help? How do we excite AIA members in much the same way themedical community has become involved in Haiti?"

I'm sure many of you have been wondering the same thing. Aside from giving money (which is still the best thing most of us can do for now), how can architects and other designers do something to help?

Luckily, there are folks who are working to answer exactly this question: Architecture For Humanity is an aid organization that specializes in bringing international design knowledge and experience to bear on situations exactly like the one in Haiti. If you're an architect and you're looking for ways to become involved in relief efforts, I recommend you join AFH's worldwide community. To learn more about AFH's response to the Haitian earthquake, take a look at this blog post: Haiti Quake: A Plan for Reconstruction.

Another thing SketchUp and other geographically-minded people can do involves using Google Map Maker to draw current maps of the country. Accurate geographic information is critical to recovery efforts, and it's something that can be done right now. There's an effort on to do just that: surf over to Map Haiti to learn more.

Posted by Aidan Chopra, SketchUp Evangelist

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Team members wanted for a housing small scale building project to assist Haitian builders.

Green Boy said...

Our company has a plan that we feel will work well for rebuilding Haiti. There is great a need for Hatians to play a major roll in rebuilding their country. They need to gain employment and they need quality and cost effective housing. They also need to have a say in keeping their culture intact. We have a plan that fills all of these needs. We are hoping that you can help.

LC Homes is a company that exports Panel Homes to over 80 countries. These Panel Homes are shipped in panels in ocean containers and are easily constructed. Local Haitians can build these homes themselves with some training and are an option for the reconstruction in Haiti. All homes are high quality, engineered and built in the US. These Panel Homes were erected as part of the rebuilding after hurricane Katrina. We have also exported homes to Haiti in the past. Our panel homes meet or exceed both wind and seismic requirements as prescribed in the US Building Codes for Tropical Regions. We can design homes that fit the local cultural needsas well.

LCH Panel Homes have vinyl trim and siding with different types such as cement fiber Hardie Board that has a 50 year warranty in the US. The homes range from 640 Sq Ft (59 Sq Meters) - 1,300 Sq Ft' (120 Sq Meters).

Attached are 8 Floor Plan examples of Panel Homes for rebuilding Haiti. With a little training, these Panel Homes can be easily erected by local Haitians (a 3-man crew can erect a home in 3 days). Very little cutting, if any, required.

Cost effective and built to last
Dozens of options available (floor plans can be revised to meet requirements)
These cost effective award winning homes are designed with electrical and plumbing included in the package (or without)
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8-10 homes can be hooked up to a "community" septic system
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