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Dortmund, Germany in 3D

We’re happy to announce that the city of Dortmund, Germany is now in 3D - with Google Earth. The new 3D building models extend from the city center to the edge of the Westfalenpark, an area of open space where locals visit to “wandern”.

Like many medieval cities, Dortmund is punctuated with churches and other relics that have a history dating back to the Holy Roman Empire. An example would be the Petrikirche (St. Petri Church), which was built in the middle of the 14th century. The church was modeled by geo-modeler “chrischibuilder” using Google Building Maker.

The tallest structure in this northern German city is the Florianturm, a TV tower with a height of 219.6 metres that sits at the center of the Westfalenpark. The tower was modeled by geo-modeler “Zeitreise Ruhr” using Google SketchUp. Watch our video to fly to the tower and other landmarks in Dortmund. We invite you to start exploring Dortmund in 3D!

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James Cannam said...

As a geo-modeller building a business from developing 3D buildings for Google Earth I would love to hear more about Google's plans to model more cities in 3D and find out how they will affect my ability to sell 3D models of specific buildings to my clients.

For example will there still be a market to create models for Dortmund that are of higher quality than those already there?