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Great book: Real World Google SketchUp 7

If you think you’re a SketchUp hotshot, think again. Ten minutes spent flipping through Real World Google SketchUp 7 by Mike Tadros will make you realize there’s plenty to learn. Spend an hour and I guarantee you’ll be more productive. The book is that good.

Mike (who is also the lead instructor at has been one of the world’s best SketchUp teachers for years. His video podcasts are terrific and his training DVDs are second to none. My favorite thing about Mike is his ability to explain not just how to do something, but how to do it quicker and smarter than anyone else. He’s a power user’s power user, and I learn something every time I watch him work.

This book provides a behind-the-scenes look into the professional workflows he's been putting to use at his company, Igloo Studios. It explores topics that are super-relevant to everyone who uses SketchUp: working with 2D CAD files; turning hand drawings into 3D models; making compelling fly-throughs; setting up SketchUp for maximum efficiency; working with materials; authoring Dynamic Components; using Rubies and other plugins... The list goes on.

Congrats on a great book, Mike.

Update: Peachpit Press (the book's publisher) is offering a discount: Enter the coupon code “SKETCHUP” to receive 35% off and free USA shipping (expires 12/31/10).

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Ray Helixus said...

So,, which one is the best,, his book or your book,, Mr. Chopra??

aidanchopra said...

They're very different books, aimed at very different audiences... My Dummies book is a "getting started" book for anyone who wants to learn SketchUp. Mike's is an intermediate-to-advanced level book for SketchUp users who want to work more efficiently. I think of them as companions : )


Baú SketchUp said...

Good.. Very good combination Mr. Chopra. His book and that's Mike.

wanted you to talk about other books, such as: Google SketchUp
and SketchUp Pro 7 Bible (Kelly L. Murdock), Google SketchUp Cookbook (Bonnie Roskam), and others as the book by Chris Grover, Google SketchUp: The Missing Manual.

I wonder what the public that every book is intended, (advanced, basic, ...) and a brief opnion his of each.

Thank you Mr. Chopra.

Ray Helixus said...

Oh,, I think I need your book first,, haha.. Thank's for your tips..

jstoddard said...

Mike Tadros and Igloo Studios are absolutely amazing - they out-SketchUp SketchUp if you get my drift, taking it farther, faster, higher, and more realistic. If you're into SU scoop up everything produced by Igloo that you can get your hands on.


Dwight Williams said...

Is there a weblog to go with this book, as there is with Real World Adobe Illustrator?

Mike Tadros said...

@Dwight Williams: There is a page on our SketchUp Training website (School) with references to the sample files and video tutorials mentioned in the book.

@jstoddard: wow - thanks so much for your glowing comments!

and of course @aidan - thanks for the awesome review!