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Hi-res tool icons for SketchUp and LayOut

Most people don’t know that almost every single one of the tool icons in both SketchUp and LayOut was created in SketchUp and/or LayOut – by our own John Bacus, no less. Tool icons that look 3D (like Push/Pull, Tape Measure and Paint Bucket) are all SketchUp models that John inserted into LayOut. Most have no post-processing at all.

You can download Quick Reference Cards for each product.

While I was working on the updated Quick Reference Cards for SketchUp 8 and LayOut 3, it occurred to me that other people might be interested in using our icons. Having them as high-resolution images is super-useful for creating tutorials, which is something a lot of folks do. Laptop stickers and t-shirts with Follow Me on the back are also great expressions of SketchUp nerdom.

All of the icons in SketchUp and LayOut; download individual files below.

I’ve uploaded a couple of zipped folders that you’re free to grab; each icon is an individual, 800 x 800 pixel PNG with a transparent background:

Please use this post’s comments to let us know what you plan to do with them.

Update: Corrected download sources for the icon files.

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Andrew said...

Hey thanks Aidan, sounds like a cool thing to play with....
I just tried downloading the LO icons but it asks me to sign into another google account. Any ideas?

Andrew [utiler]

aidanchopra said...

Hi there Andrew,

I'm sorry it didn't work for you. I changed a couple of sharing settings for the files -- can you please try it again and let me know how it goes?



Elfpainter said...

WoW It's very nice. Thank you for posting :->

roger said...

The link to download layout tool icons dont work for me.

Great to illustrate my blog posts!

JasonKim205 said...

Yes, I also tried but LayOut icons can be downloaded.

Anyway, great job.

aidanchopra said...

Elfpainter, roger and JasonKim205,

Thanks to you all for being excited! Apologies for the glitches; I think I may have found the problem.

Could you please try the download again?



JasonKim205 said...

Very good. Thanks.

Works well.


catamountain said...

Try a different browser if a download fails. It seems IE8 doesn't like to download from Google Docs at this time.

Gaieus said...

Hi Aidan (and John and thanks for this stuff)!

For me, however, the SU icons do not work - the Google Docs site says I have reached my download quota (have not downloaded anything for ages...)

Gaieus said...

Joy, I tried with Opera, IE, Safari, Chrome and (my default) Firefox. All give the same message

Mr Sully said...

No luck downloading the SU icons. Each of my browsers say in the tab, Google Docs - Quota exceeded.

SketchUpArtists said...

Same here, Layout icons is ok, SketchUp no, same problem as Csaba and the others. Tried on Google Chrome and Firefox both the same...

Edson Mahfuz said...

oddly enough I was able to download the layout icons but not the sketchup ones. the reason? the same error message about exceeding my bandwith, whatever that may mean.

aidanchopra said...

Hi everyone,

It would appear that I am skilled at SketchUp, LayOut and Photoshop, but that I have a lot to learn about file hosting online : ) My profoundest apologies for the inconvenience.

I've put the files (SketchUp and LayOut) somewhere new; I suspect that this should fix the problem. WIth my track record, I wouldn't put money on it, though.

Please try to download the icons again, and let me know in this comments thread if things don't go well.

Thanks for your patience,


Gaieus said...

Hi Aidan,

Works now (and how fast!!!)

Thanks and cheers;


SketchUpArtists said...

Yes same here, all is fine now,thanks...

Kurt Meister said...

Nice to know. ;-) A couple of weeks ago I created a "Quick Referece Card" in german for my students. Therefor I used the original refernce card. It worked pretty well, because the images in there were scalable.

My Blog:

alexanderSIMPLE said...

thanks Aidan!

these will be fun to play with


Thomas Thomassen said...

Very nice!

Any chance to having a play with the .skp files they originated from? :D

Baú SketchUp said...

This will help greatly, especially for those who write tutorials.

Although I liked the icons (models) that I created in SketchUp own.

Here two examples of the *. skp:

Feng Run said...

Wow thanks a lot. I can use these icons for my guides for students.

Just wondering is there a hi-res icon for Sketchup itself? The program icon?

Could only find the 256 X 256 version from Mac. Anything better?

Angie said...

hola mi nombre es angela, actualmente estoy realizando mi tesis la cual trata de modelos en 3D de mi provincia Santa Elena y me gustaria saber si puedo utilizar adove flash con sketchup para dar las animaciones.. les agradeceria por su ayuda gracias

Regional Geo Spatial Center said...

Thank you Aidan, the icons looks fantastic... I already printed a couple of icons (full color) and I covered part of my cubicle in the office, (like wall paper...can be a good idea guys????)

Anonymous said...

Hi Aidan,
Just designed some nice T-shirts
with your icons.
Is it allowed to publish and sell them.
Greetings form Holland
Ronald Schouwink

Wilson said...

Hi Aidan,

I had a problem from the file you attached.

I've downloaded it, but i don't know how i install it or use it in sketchup, they are all PNG files. Look like just photos, when i dragged it to sketchup, it doesn't work as a tool.

Help me for this, please?
I'm new.


aidanchopra said...

Hi Wilson,

The icons are indeed just PNG files -- there's no need to install them anywhere. They're intended for use as artwork. You don't need the icons to use the tools in SketchUp.

Hope that helps,


Wilson said...

I see.

So, it's just a tool information before it is used, right?

Ok, then.
Thank you much.

aidanchopra said...

Ronald: I think it would be fine to sell t-shirts with our icons on them, but we'd like to review them first, please. Can you please contact me directly?



johnmoeeain said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ThI said...

May I know how to install this .zip file or how to use this file. Sorry about my question but now I can't get like your one. I really, really want to use it. Someone! Can you explain me?
Thanks and regards

Steph said...

What are the conditions of use of icons?
are free to use it?
can they be used in a devloppement software?

Steph said...

What are the conditions of use of icons?
are free to use it?
can they be used in a devloppement software?

Steph said...

What are the conditions of use of icons?
are free to use it?
can they be used in a devloppement software?

RK said...

Excellent work ! Just in time , I need some nice icons for SketchUp book I am writing. May I use it, with a note that you are author of this?
Best regards

aidanchopra said...


Please feel free to use these icons in the book you're writing. No need to credit me or anyone else -- we've published them for exactly the purpose you're intending!


There's no charge to use these icons, but we'd prefer that they not be used in another piece of commercial software. They're for SketchUp and SketchUp-related applications.

Good luck,


RK said...

thanks for answer :) Hope, it will be the first book Google Sketchup in Serbian language * we will see if I am a fast writer;). Regards, Rada

Danny said...

Thanks author,
I am CS undergraduate from Hong Kong. I will use the icons for my final year project. Thank you