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A new SketchUp record!

Two weeks ago, we issued a free maintenance release that eliminated the much-loathed Shadow Bug (among other things) -- and the SketchUp community went bananas with paroxysms of delight. We felt like Oprah on one of her "Favorite Things" episodes. More of you downloaded SketchUp 8 in the seven days after the M1 release than had ever done so in any one-week period in history.

Some of my favorite quotes from around the social web:

Great work for all SU users! It's SU9! -- GENKI via the SketchUp Blog

My first full day of work with M1. halleluja! Not a single crash in SkU or LayOut. And no more subtly changing layout view to avoid the shadow bug! Thanks for such a fantastic update. My work life is so much better now. -- Hendrik via the SketchUp Blog

Congrats to the SU team. Now we can finally lurk in the shadows...hehe -- NVizeon via the SketchUp Blog

What's left for us to complain about now? -- Thomas via our Facebook page

To make sure you're running the latest (and most certainly greatest) version, open SketchUp 8 (free or Pro) and choose Help > Check for Update. If you're on a Mac, choose SketchUp > Check Web for Update. Let's see if we can break the record for 30-day downloads, too!

Posted by Aidan Chopra, SketchUp Evangelist

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Gaieus said...

Yeah, congrats to all the team.

The significance of this release can only be compared to the performance boost in v. 7.1 (and of course, to the free version back in 2006 :-)

Nick Webb said...

That is a great fix.

Now how about the small feature bug? We woodys could do with not having to scale our models up by 100x to do a moulding (molding), and then having to scale it back down again.