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Google SketchUp in Higher Education

SketchUp has proven to be a very valuable tool for students and educators. Last year we created a video to showcase a few K12 schools who use SketchUp in interesting ways: they’re doing everything from creating models of their town buildings to designing furniture.

We now we have a new video profiling how SketchUp is being used in higher education institutions. Take a look at three areas of study (film, interior design, and architecture) from three schools (Los Angeles Film School, Art Institute of Colorado, and University of Colorado) using SketchUp to advance the skills needed by students to enter the professional world after graduation:

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meniAndMazal said...

Being OT a little:

1) How about open-sourcing SketchUp, and PRO?
2) An idea: An HTML5 client

Thanks for everything
- An unashamed Goog fanbaby

Unknown said...

How about expaning to schools in Canada. I introduced my daughter to Sketchup when she was still in high school, and now she's got her B.Arch. from Ryerson University (yes, I'm bragging). From first year they've used Sketchup. I have a couple more coming up who like to use it for projects as well.

Unknown said...

I too think it is a pity that the Pro version is not available to UK schools. I teach in both Pimary (age 5 to 11) and Secondary (11-18) sectors. Although the pupils do well with the free version, the lack of decent integration with software used by Design and Technology departments makes it a hard sell for anything other than very simple work.

Yish said...
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