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Formatting text in LayOut on a Mac

If you happen to be using LayOut on a Mac, there’s a menu item that you might’ve missed: Choosing Text > Show Rulers displays the Mac operating system’s default ruler at the top of the screen. More interestingly, it adds a few typographic controls that are otherwise hidden.

Selecting a piece of text (when your ruler is visible) reveals drop-down menus for Paragraph Style, Alignment and Spacing, as well as preset settings for bulleted and numbered lists. Windows users can access list formatting controls in the Text Style dialog box.

Compared to the last tip I wrote, this one was quick, eh?

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Dave R said...

Thank you for this Aidan. I had missed it and dealing with text has been so much easier on the PC, I haven't used LO much on the Mac. I'll have to go back and give it a try.

fguerra said...

Had i known it before...!
Very useful, thanks for the tip.


Mike Lucey said...

Sometimes I get depressed thinking about the amount of stuff that I should know but don't.

This is another one!

Thanks Aidan, it will help the keep LO text extra tidy!


Ekaj said...

On my macbook pro for some reason when I turn on the rulers I do not get the extra typographic controls that are normally hidden.

aidanchopra said...

@Ekaj: The controls only appear after you've selected some text. Does that help? - Aidan

AvenueDesign said...

When are we going to get a iPad version of SketchUp? Love the program, but would love to be on my iPad!

MCA said...

I'm with AvenueDesign, when can we expect an iPad app? This would be something I'm sure many of us would appreciate, especially users of Magic Plan! Any ballpark time frame you can give us, or nothing in the works at this time?