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Wanted: A Graphic Designer for SketchUp

We're hiring! The SketchUp team needs an experienced graphic designer (with 3D modeling skills) to work on graphics for marketing, training, and some in-product applications.

You'd be designing trade show socks one day and website mocks the next—it's a pretty broad job description. The person we hire will be able to work without a lot of direction across just about all of SketchUp's teams:

  • Marketing needs data sheets, brochures, schwag (shirts, etc), and any number of other last-minute items.

  • Our Web team needs wireframes and paint mocks that will serve as the "blueprints" for our website.

  • Sales needs trade show booth banners and graphics.

  • Training needs help with online training tutorials and manuals (designing them, not authoring them).

  • Our Product team needs splash screens and fancy dialog boxes for every new version we release.

The job is about 20% print and 80% web. We work with Adobe's CS toolset a lot, but we try to use our own stuff (SketchUp and LayOut) as much as we possibly can. The position is full-time, it's located at SketchUp World Headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, and candidates must be legally allowed to work in the USA.

If you think you might like to be the next new member of the SketchUp team, please fill out this form. It's pretty straightforward, but there is an assignment: You must complete a special design project in order to be considered.

It's a standard one-page brochure for SketchUp Pro that we would hand out at an architecture-focused trade show. The design brief includes copy, models, images, logos, fonts and colors. The deadline for completing the assignment and filling out the form is 11:59 MST, Wednesday, June 18th.

After we've looked at everything that's submitted, we'll contact our favorite candidates and ask them to formally apply for the job on Trimble's hiring website. Good luck!

The SketchUp Marketing Team

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StrayKatStudio said...
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StrayKatStudio said...

Done! Both working for SketchUp and living in Colorado sound amazing. I only wish I'd seen this post sooner so that I'd have had more time to iterate; I skipped the cover letter completely in the time-crunch triage. So just imagine it would have been a profoundly compelling letter, k?

Best wishes for finding your next talented teammate!

- Kat Kean

Ali Munawar Tjatjo said...

what a great opportunity, maybe next time i will have my chance. i will keep learning, my skill are not quiet good.