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Got style? Prove it.

Posted by Bryce Stout, Product Manager

I am delighted to announce the (deep breath) 2008 SketchUp Sketchy-Edge Style Building Competition. We thought that challenging you to produce your own unique sketchy-edge Styles would be the best way to really push the limits of Style Builder (beta). In case you missed it, Style Builder is the newest addition to the SketchUp Pro family. You can read all about it (and about how to get it) in this post.

We'll choose ten winners to receive prizes, including a 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator and a bag of SketchUp goodies. The authors of the winning Styles will also be given the option to have their creations included in the next version of SketchUp -- with full attribution, of course. Check out the competition website for all the details.

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