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Coming Soon in Google SketchUp...

I don't often talk about new things we're building before we nudge them gently out the door, but this time I thought I'd provide some info to everyone. We've been working hard on our next release of Google SketchUp since late last year, and have cooked up a bunch of new stuff that I know you're going to like. But we're also doing a little housecleaning. More on that in a bit.

We originally designed the Free and Pro versions of Google SketchUp for pretty different groups of people. Google SketchUp was intended to be a tool that anyone in the world could learn to use. It contains every single modeling tool that we've ever developed without any restrictions on file size, rendering quality or performance. If you've got a 3D problem to solve, we want you to use Google SketchUp to solve it. That's why we give it away for free!

In addition to that, Google SketchUp Pro offers a collection of special tools to help Pros go about the daily business of design, visualization and client communication. This means all of our presentation, analysis and documentation tools along with an industrial strength set of file translators to get models in and out of the myriad of tools in a professional's workflow. Along with all those great modeling tools.

We originally assumed that our free Google SketchUp users would never really need to export models into other tools. As it turned out, folks wanted to use Google SketchUp models in all kinds of crazy ways. Things that we could never have imagined! We decided that Google SketchUp users should be able to export their models into some easy-to-read and fundamentally hackable file format to make this easier. Your models should be yours to do with as you see fit.

Our pick for that new format is COLLADA, a 3D model exchange format that is open, extensible and public. We've been using COLLADA internally for some time now for 3D buildings in Google Earth, and there's a lot to like about it. It's easy to read, easy to write, and easy to extend for new features. I hope you'll like it, too.

In our next release, we're going to make COLLADA an official first-class format for all modelers. You'll be able to import and export COLLADA models, as well as COLLADA models wrapped up in the KMZ format for Google Earth, with any version of SketchUp.

Unfortunately, this improvement won't come without a cost. Import/export capability is tough for us to maintain and tough for you to use effectively. There are just so many fiddly little settings on both sides of a file exchange that it is always a challenge to get everything working just right. Looking forward, we decided to make a trade-off.

In the next release of Google SketchUp, our free modeler, we've decided to remove the dwg/dxf importers. We know how important these importers are to our professional customers, especially those who depend on CAD products in their daily work. And for that reason we'll focus our attention on supporting them in Google SketchUp Pro, where we really understand all the nuances of your workflow and where we can provide professional support to troubleshoot your issues.

I hope you'll agree with our decision once you've had a chance to play with COLLADA, but I realize that making a change like this unannounced might disrupt projects you've already got under way. That's why I'm giving you some advanced notice so you can prepare for the change.

Our next version will be ready soon, and it will be a free upgrade if you've got a full Google SketchUp Pro 7 license (if you've got a license for an earlier version of Pro, you can still upgrade to the new version for $95). We want you to try it without any fear that our changes will upset your ongoing projects. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by many of the changes we've made. For those of you who depend on the importers we plan to remove, we'll be providing an optional download that enables them again. But remember! This installer will only be available for a limited time, and it will not be supported at all in our next major release.

If you aren't yet a Pro user and you're using SketchUp in your daily work, I hope you'll consider upgrading to Google SketchUp Pro. Just in case you're still on the fence about this, we'll give you $100 USD off a single-user license if you purchase before September 30, 2009 (enter promo code S7MPTR in our online store).

Thanks for your attention, and I look forward to sharing the next version of Google SketchUp with all of you soon!

Update on 9/22: As promised, you can download an optional installer which will give Google SketchUp 7.1 (free) an importer for DWG/DXF. You can get that installer here.

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Andy said...

Your KILLING ME! COLLADA over dwg & dfx? Only 99% of architects use those formats. Thanks for ripping out one of your best features and one thats been free in the program for as long as I can remember. Good luck getting me to upgrade.

Kaveh said...

Thank you Google for choosing an open, free standard over proprietary ones. Time to dive in more seriously into SketchUp.

Eric said...

Why abandon the standard 2d and 3d vector file exhange format for Collada? I have nothing against Collada, but what percentage of non-professional Sketchup users use Collada vs. DWG / DXF? I can only interpret this as Google's attempt to push more users to the $500 Sketchup Pro version.

J. M. Strother said...

I think it is a real mistake to remove the DWG/FXF converters. I can't see the logic of having to remove one to add the other. Why annoy folks that use it when you don't need to? It does not really matter to me, I have Pro at work, but it obviously matters to folks like Andrew, and I suspect you have a lot of users just like him.

I do know code takes maintenance and therefore all features have a cost. But you will be maintaining both parts of that code anyway, since you will have both in Pro. I just don't get it.

Unknown said...

What are the ramifications for the Education Side of SU? I teach SU to Interior Designers at a private college and they use Google FREE Version (they are students after all) and they import their Acad Floor plans into SU For their presentations. This sounds like it would seriously interupt their work flow. I do not COLLADA at all, so I guess I need to look at it, but Some answers to these quesitons would be helpful.

Aerilius said...

Many thanks for sharing this news! I really appreciate that Google is so frank with us. You made it understandable that there were made many well-thought decisions by the Sketchup team. That keeps up our patience and confidence!!!
I personally only used dwg because of the lack of a collada exporter/importer.
If Google allows it, I would really like to contribute for international translations, because shared work is faster done than only by the (small) Sketchup Team, then we would not have to wait until SU9(en) to get the translated SU8 versions.

Bruno Sousa said...

The only thing that they are going to obtain is that I forget sketchup and take more seriously blender and others softwares. :(

Unknown said...

David_H said: "What are the ramifications for the Education Side of SU? I teach SU to Interior Designers at a private college and they use Google FREE Version (they are students after all) and they import their Acad Floor plans into SU For their presentations. "

Hi David,

We will continue to offer SketchUp Pro for free to educators and to the students in their classes. Students can buy SketchUp Pro at a steep discount. You can learn all about our Google SketchUp Pro Educator License program here:


troy said...

Collada what?!!! you kidding me? who uses that format? If you're going to go there, please at least put back the back arrow on the component browser window.
we need to make IMPROVEMENTS not backward steps. Focus on DWG/DXF please.

we laugh said...

i must admit, this announcement really got me upset, ive been pushing sketchup to my fellow out-of-work architect friends to help them freelance and keep their heads above water the next few rough years. as everyone has pointd out dwg dxf is critical to anyone using skethup in collaboration with outsiders and autocad.

..but i just saw this online...

does that work well??

Oldschool said...

Guys, surely you did not expect a corporation with financial aspirations to keep going with something free? Google have exploited the concept of Open Source to suck everyone in and make them reliant on Sketchup before introducing the cost. I can guarantee that over the next few 'upgrades' you will see less and less functionality and portability, and more to pay. I wouldn't be surprised if this is a planned business move with pre-written 'explanations' and justifications.

It is a great package for introducing children to the concept of solid modelling and there is a massive range of plugins available, but I have kept the original zips of 6 and 7 for when this happens.

Anonymous said...

I think this quarreling is really paradox. Google said "We originally designed the Free and Pro versions of Google SketchUp for pretty different groups of people." We are talking about people sharing their work with Google (Earth), and others using Sketchup in a commercial way. If I earned money with Sketchup, I would at least be able to pay for jbacus' work. Moreover we should not accuse Sketchup of supporting a free format because an extremely expansive closed source program refuses to support it.

Ricky James said...

bad idea !

Peter said...

I understand why some are alarmed about it, but I think this is a move in the right direction. We've been conditioned to thinking of dxf/dwg as exchange formats, but they are not open formats. Anyone who has experienced compatibility issues knows what I mean. It's a total pain and a huge collective expense caused by one vendor who uses file format changes to force users to upgrade.

The best way to change this is to move away from proprietary formats to COLLADA, an open format supported by dozens of companies and programs (including Blender, btw). I appreciate John's desire to help us understand the decision and get ready for it. If you can stop sucking on dwg nipple long enough to see what it's attached to, you can see the beauty of this decision.

Ricky James said...

I have 3 axis cnc machines that use propitiatory windows 32 bit software, that disguises G-Code in a friendly GUI.
DWG and DFX are easily imported flattened, close shapes and converted vectors to tool paths.
Will Collada be compatible?

Jasony said...

Friends, give it up.

It doesn't matter how much you complain about the switch to COLLADA, or how it affects your modeling, or even how it may break relationships with your modeling partners.

The Google Powers from On High have decided that they're going to switch and that's it. Suck it.

Sad to see that they won't change their minds, but did your really expect it from a giant like Google?


Anonymous said...

Peter I do agree on your comment about DWG and my 2 cents on COLLADA support...Autodesk has made it difficult for every one and is good that SUP team is looking for an alternative:) BUT collada is NOT a solution to the DWG problem, is it? IMO SketchUp needs to add .iges, .step, etc. suppport....

JZ said...

No DWG? Are you serious? Good luck SketchUp....

JMS said...

Hello. I signed up to Google just to post this comment. I read the blog all the time, and am pro user, for several versions now, who uses SketchUp to present geologic information. See "Gold in them Thar Hills":

(that's one of my early models)

This news concerns me. AutoCad is an important tool in my tool box. AutoCad meets the requirements my clients demand while SketchUp provides a perfect platform for displaying data to an audience that does not have access to, or ability in, AutoCad.

My modeling style involves a synergistic interplay between many programs, the most important of which are AutoCad and SketchUp. I export / import constantly. The complicated solids I create in AutoCad are better rendered in SketchUp and the polyface meshes of terrane created by SketchUp are useful in AutoCad. When creating a new presentation in SketchUp, I pluck parts of prexisting AutoCad drawings to build a cleaner, more elegant model. But I've got literally thousands of layers in dwg format. Now I need another program to manage those?

SketchUp is a good, sharp tool. I sing its praises constantly. And yet you are about to blunt the edge. Please don't.

Unknown said...

I for one am glad to see such a move. I want to see SU continue to develop in the future and although I have thoroughly enjoyed the free features, it is high time for the professional community to support what the SU team is doing. The price of the Pro version is still very reasonable and virtually unmatched in the field. So I applaud the decision and would urge all professionals to act like such and upgrade--it can only make SU better.

akogs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

This move of removing DWG to force the pro base to upgrade to SUpro comes from a poor strategy (raise money. Period.)
If you wanna get serious with SUpro you should:

1- Rewrite the sw for multicore pc.
2- Make it faster.
3- Fix OpenGL problems in texture visualization.
4- Fix shadows Bug all around.
5- Extreme hi poly models support.

Don't expect your users to be serious if you're not serious in first place: pro user would pay 500$ for a program with the improvements listed above, otherwise they will keep on using version 7 (aka 6 v2.0) or even worst (for you) switch to blender.

If you also wanna put some open format please think about VSG: it is a great vector format, has a huge support (internet browser) and has lots of editors.

SU is a nice piece of software, but please remember that there are lots of competitors out there.

Thanx for asking us our opinion.

Anonymous said...

SU7 isn't translated to other languages and you already announce SU8 and major changes! Some foreign users are not so happy with that. My not-english-speaking workmates have been waiting more than 9 months to enjoy the same tools their english-speaking colleagues are using. 9 month is too long a wait for a software update.

Hope you'll focus on spreading SU7 before improving the speed and the user experience while working with hi-res model coming from nurbs models (i.e. Rhino).

Thanks for sharing your roadmap.

akogs said...

I see the whole point of this update is to put SketchUp up into a more corporate band and with many around the world using SketchUp and Google Earth one way or another I see this as a major step forward to publicise and market SketchUp as it so rightly deserves. I have always been aware of the limitations of free against pro and for Professionals to take it seriously branding the product into a higher class market it’s only natural. I Look forward to seeing Sketchups development and really , for those who are not happy with the news - what else do you have out there that offers so much versatility, power and fun , and many use it.
Humans need food and the 3D world needs SketchUp.

Unknown said...

First, as a licensed architect who uses Autodesk products daily at work, DWG and DXF can't die soon enough. Collada is one part of a much better future for the 3D community. BE the change, no?

Second, to all you complainers, keep in mind that Google doesn't have to give away the free version at all! Be happy you will still have access to an amazing piece of free software.

Unknown said...

The sooner we settle a web standard for 3d the better, and Collada seems to be the best pseudo open source on offer.
as for the old CAD formats they are just that old CAD formats, if you need them, and who really does, then get the pro version. The rest need a modern 3d format, and google seem to realise it too.

Unknown said...

Here's a good list of the applications that currently have some level of COLLADA support built in. You might find some surprises in there!


arquitecsol said...

...good with your "Pina Collada"...I´m really surprised...not good news to all the free users.

Unknown said...

Loosing DXF/DWG import will kill this for my use. Every single Sketchup i do starts with a DXF exported from VectorWorks.

Much as i hate DXF it is a standard file exchange format that everyone is forced to use.

It was a brilliant move making SketchUp free... it probably increased SketchUp Pro sales 10x.

This move will kill it.

Guess i'm stuck at 7... going now to download a copy to stash for posterity.


Unknown said...

Ooops.. Bad move there. I aint got time to burn and like Google I cant throw away twenty years of reference material on all the projects I've been involved in. I'm not a fan of "This is where you are going, like it or not." Wont be long before this attitude spills over into pro version. Google would do well to listen to the users who make a livelyhood from engineering. We spend 80% of our time on previous project reworking, modification, expansion, improvements. To downplay the importance of the archive factor shows poor judgement on Google's part. Is this the first sign of Google conforming and bowing to the accountants directions. Try selling SketchUp Pro at an affordable price. 95% of the available user base cant afford the pro version. Don't worry about offending existing users of pro, they can afford the depreciation. Its not like they were going to sell it on again at a later date. I need to toddle off now and waste time on upcoming damage limitation due to this direction taken. You are in danger of wasting my time and confidence in you. How long before one of my clients refuses submission in SketchUp format. Think Google think think think!

Unknown said...

Poor Google!
You need more money and you will get lot off money whit this wired way. I dont gonna use your newer free version anymore. You have killed my love to SketchUp.

Money is better than honey.
Or is it?

PS I hope you dont relase that
incredeble version of SketchUp
without dxf dwg importer/exporter

ArchiCad or Scetchup pro.
Gess my choise.

Unknown said...

I find it ironic people are mad about removing the DWG/DXF functions, when if you're using SketchUp that much and for "professional" use, you should have purchased the Pro version anyway. Read the EULA when you get a few minutes.

Keep up the good work guys.

Joel Silverwatch said...

Are people actually complaining about using the FREE product?? If you want DXF conversion then pay some money for it. You complainers are the the ones who will probably go out and find a hacked version anyways or steal an authorization code. I know, as a professional architect, that this product has made me a LOT OF MONEY and so I thank the Sketchup people for creating it and I know that my $500 investment has never gone to a more profitable piece of software. THANK YOU SKETCHUP!!!

Unknown said...

@Joel Silverwatch : there's a lot of pro user who want a software that can take advantage of modern hardware and give great performance.
Many users also complain that compared to other software SU development is really poor since @last days. As a Pro user I'm worried that Google team will try to make money putting limitations to the free version instead of making the pro a much better piece of software.

Dan Bloomer said...

Have to agree with Joel above. I've been using since version 3.0 for which I paid 300.00 for the only version(Google had not yet bought the company).

I believe the discounts to educators and students are perfectly appropriate, but exports to dwg and dxf are for professionals. The cost for SketchUpPro is very reasonable for anyone using it in their profession. I have always been satisfied with the upgrades, and do not begrudge the cost

Not much sympathy for the the "if it's online, it's mine" crowd.

Joel Silverwatch said...

Its a $500 piece of Software. For what it has the ability to accomplish in such a short amount of time its worth 10X its value to me. There hasnt been a lot of development since the @last days and the invention of the Push\Pull technology, but the only thing I need from this software as it now exists is reliability. If they can eliminate Bugsplats in the near future then I'll be a happy architect. I just SAVE more often now.

jwillie said...

Thanks for letting us know in advance about the change.

As a pro user, it really makes no difference. Except I see the COLLADA interchange only getting better. And that is nothing to complain about!

@Last had more vitality and innovation, that's true, but Google has been good to us sketchuppers as well: can anyone say free version?

Unknown said...

As a free SU user I don't really mind such a switch as thre's always the pro version.

That said I think the absolute priority for the SU team is to fix all the bugs (see Chrysophylax's comment above). I'd add to this list to make MAC version finally usable. For now it really sucks even on fast machines. I'd be nice if you could also look into the new Mac OS X 10.6 programming goodies.

Good luck and can't wait to check the v8.

Daniel Tal said...

We all want SketchUp features and improvement with every new release. That is hard to accomplish with a free-release program. No capitol means less development. We all got very used to having a free version of a great software but demanded more.

SketchUp Pro is as affordable or comparable to many other modeling programs. And, we can hope for future improvements to the program with the infusion of capitol.

Aside from that, keep using the free versions, just make sure you have one pro-version around for conversion.

Daniel Tal

Henry Maier said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jcp said...

Are you only refering to the export file formats? Will the skp file be sticking around or is COLLADA going to be come the new native format.

Unknown said...

Oh please do stop all your whining. You are complaining about something you get for free? Why are you so entitled to get it for free and then complain about it?

If you need or want the .dwg import/export then simply get the Pro version as it will still be supported there.

Unknown said...

johncpepper said: "Are you only refering to the export file formats? Will the skp file be sticking around or is COLLADA going to be come the new native format."

SKP will still be the native file format for SketchUp. COLLADA will become our primary exchange format for 3D models.


Dinther said...

Wow, lot's of complaints on something that is free. Google, I like to buy Sketch-up Professional but the price is simple prohibitive.

$500 is just too expensive. Even with your $100 special discount.

If Sketch-up Pro would be $200 I would already have purchased it.

You already acknowledge that many people use Sketch-up in many different ways. This is because it is a damn useful tool. People like me would be happy to see a more handicapped free version and happily pay $200 or so to buy the pro version. $400 or $500 is just too damned expensive unless you are a professional architect.

Graham Roebeck said...

We use DWG import/ export continuously with SUPro hand in glove with AutoCAD LT's superior vector drafting every day. If this functionality were ever removed from the Pro version, we would stay with the last version that supported it and never upgrade.

We have been Pro users sing SU5 was an @Last Software product, and have been dismayed that untrained- and most importantly- unqualified and uninsured people are competing with legitimate design usinesses.

I personally would be delighted if DWG functionality was disabled on the freeware to prevent this. However it seems there is a now a niche for an academic version with the Pro capabilities. As for Collada, I've never heard of anyone using it, anywhere.

In NZ our main software are the Autodesk products (Revit/ Architecture) head to head with Archicad; Vectorworks a long way back in third place (but still a viable option) and Microstation coming at the rear of the field with no career prospects.

The Vogel's said...

If youre going to use something more than once make it a Group or a component, thats the rule within SketchUp.

So I if you are going to use use a DWG of DXF exporter more than once pay to use it.

I can only hope that some of this revenue will go back into development that will make new features available within SketchUp.

Its a gamble and a risk and I guess only time will tell.


makswell said...

It easy understand why they wont to grt rid of DWG-they want us to pay for Sketch Up Pro.Profit is the first.Maks

gdwsr said...

Why use SU Pro for $500 when you can get IntelliCad a lot cheaper and is totally compatible with AutoCad. DWG/Dxf. I also won't upgrade. It works well enough for me as is.

Unknown said...

I guess the number of disapproving posts makes very clear what the public thinks about this move, and I agree...
I don't see why introducing collada rises the support costs for Google involving dwg/dwf...
Why not use both formats in the beginning?

Unknown said...

SketchUp is wonderful, but it is a closed product. Google can do whatever they want with it.

That's a good reason to switch to open source: Blender, Freecad...

jan said...

If DWG will remain on the Pro version, I have no complaints. Since we are at it and you are charting the future, and Google will be coming out with Google OS on Linux next year, please make Sketchup for Linux! It's about time Sketchup flies in Linux!

Unknown said...

This is a great thing for the democratization of 3D and making 3D design accessible to more people. DWG/DXF are important from a legacy point of view but lets be honest, those formats are retiring anyway.

Great going Google!

Unknown said...

I don't see why they have to remove one to add the other, I hope auto cad adds a Collada import to their plug ins. I'm still very optimistic and very patiently waiting for the multiple processor support, I plan on modeling great models that encompass landscapes and very detailed sky scrapers. please please please I hope the team is not moving away from supporting larger modeling.

Lorenz Eisermann said...

Choosing COLLADA for interoperability is a great move. I snipped this from the official COLLADA site of Khronos Group:

The intermediate language provides comprehensive encoding of visual scenes including: geometry, shaders and effects, physics, animation, kinematics, and even multiple version representations of the same asset.

I am eagerly waiting to develop rich animated content for Google Earth. Who said the globe has to be static, folks?


pat girvin said...

I think that all the people who never heard of Collada have their heads under a rock. If you are trying to move rich content( models, textures, UV maps, lighting, animation, parent/child relationships, physical properties, etc., etc.) between programs, you'd be happy you found Collada. BUT, if you want to live in AutoDesk's closed, proprietary world, then stick with good old DXF.
Myself, I have been waiting for Google to put this out for a few years now.

...and if you use it a lot, buy it.

Aaron Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lorenz Eisermann said...

I haven't heard many complaints about Autodesk's licensing and pricing policy. How can people afford an AutoCAD license and at the same time whine about Google shifting a pro feature from the free version to where it belongs (SketchUp Pro for $381)? Google had to pay substantial fees for implementing DWG/DXF operability in their SketchUp software, you bet. Who do you think should pay for it? The Adwords customers?

Many of Google's services are free to use and still allow people to generate revenue from adding content to them. As much as I feel it should be kept that way there has to be an incentive for pro users.

Besides that, DWG/DXF is an ailing standard. COLLADA is the future of Web3D.


meeogs said...

Listen all you moaners....stop your pityful moaning and get a life..... STOP threatening Google that you are going to stop using SketchUp all together if they get rid of the DWG/DXF...big deal!! you are using their FREE version in the first place, what have Google got to loose?? nothing, its all of you that will not longer have the use of the most powerful 3D modelling software out there. I personally think that this is the best thing that Google have done, and should have done it a long time ago.
Google are in no ways obliged to give you any thing free, the fact that they have for so long is great, but what have people done?? they have abused this.... there are professionals using the free version where is clearly states that the free version is not for commersial use.
I am sure most of the people complaining about this move are the same people that use expensive CAD products on a daily basis?? how can you justify storming down on Google for taking away the DWG/DXF import/export from their free product when all the "moaners" can spend lots of money on their CAD software, but are not prepared to pay $400 - $500 on a software that is probably making them double the money?? How can you possibly justift that?? If you use SketchUp on a daily basis and if this move by Google is going to effect your daily working routine, then get into your blooming pockets and buy the Pro version.....but stop the ideal threats..!! IT IS NOT GOING TO want to stop using SketchUp then do it, don't come on a blog and threaten Google about it... go and find a software product that is FREE and will give you what SketchUp gives you... GOODLUCK. I back Google's decision a 100% and think this should have been done a lot sooner then now. Go Google Go......

Unknown said...

Don't be evil!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

If you see this in marketing way. Its very clumby done. First make pepole happy to get sketchUp free
with all cababilites and then make pepole sad with taking away that it promised its free and usable.

Its like a lollipop you have given to your child and yuo see your child slicking and enjoying it.

When she enjoyed a while, you will take lollipop out of childs mouth
and say to child:"If you pay me a little money you get it back with a better taste."

Child began cry: "Papi give me back my lollipop. I dont wanna have a new taste!.I dont know how It tastes! I never tasted it before. I dont now if i like the taste at all!".

Okey says papi:"I give you back your old lollipop, but I just take off the sugar taste."

Child begans cry again:"Why papi?Gimme back my old lollipop with suogar taste dad! please!.

Papi says:"Shutup! Pay for your new lollipop it will have sugar taste or slick your old lollipop without sugar taste!.

Child cries:
"I dont understand you papi how can you be so eval. I just wanna have my lollipop with sugartaste back. Why cant you give it me free? I loved that sugar taste." Papi I hate you!
I dont wanna slick that uckly sugarfree lollipop. Papi please
don´t be mad. Gimme my lollipop!

You are papi now! what shall you do
will you give lollipop to your child or not?

Is there a better way to get child
happy with new lollipop taste and
get even the money?

Yes it is release Scetchup pro free
this only time to evrybody who has tasted SketchUp before as free.

Take off sugar taste from free version.

New tasters do not feel that sugar taste what was erlier in SketchUp but they perhaps like it anyway.

When old Sketchup users have get the new pro version free. You tell clearly that this versin can updates in future with update fee to next pro version what is not going to be free. The Free pro version will be updated in future and cant handel newer models what are made in newest versions Scetchup pro.

Now you have a child how tasted new lollipop with new taste. If the child like it, Child will remain your child happy with little update payment. If not your child prefer sugar free lollipop and are happy to get it.

Whats the diffrens?

Yeah you know child is happy
and so are papi too. with money
in his pockets.

Go this way so you get houndred of thousends more happy pro users hundredthousends new ideas to improve Sketchup than you have in this days.

Money should you wait for next next pro updating. And then you get miljons and miljons dollars more in that updating.

Do this google way! its better give and take than just take.

You can put 1 promile profit
from this good advise as thanks to my account.

Happy End "user"

To your who didn't understand what sugar was in story so its dwg/dxf

Sebastian Krebs said...

I dont't understand why people are worried about "loosing" DXF capabilities. There are and will be plenty of Ruby Scripts which will take care of that. Relax!

India Postal said...

Old software is good software. Don't be in a tearing rush to "upgrade" all the time. Market forces dictate changes more strongly than user comfort. This is a fairly string case-in-point.

Hang on to your older version of Sketchup.

Download everything on 3d Warehouse NOW before it all becomes incompatible.

Best of luck modelers.

You too Google.

Touch of class said...

Free Sketchup was a bad idea from the beginning. Now we have a bunch of freeloaders. Actually Google buying Sketchup was a bad idea, for Google and for Sketchup's paying customers.

Sketchup development has been a disaster. What on earth has been going on. I mean seriously Layout, what is that. its like a totally different company designed it.

things I want
-line weights
-real editable 3D text that prints well
-real dimensions with individually settable properties
-Hatch pattern generator
-Solid modeling
-Something like layout that is fully integrated and doesn't blow
-lines and surfaces on different layers to be able to occupy the same space
-work plane

T_arch said...

Noooooooo!...what a bad news.

dwg support is a must have option...

really; a very bad surprise !

crazyasd said...

Holy shit! Dont break us by dropping DXF/DWG import-export!!!!

My decision today is switch to other freeware moddllers like blender.

Matthew Ivanov
CAD Manager.

JohnShep said...

So still no sign of a Linux port :-(

Arthur Moniz said...

Autodesk is taking SketchUp very seriously why can't everybody else?

Conception should come before Execution. Usually SKP should come before DWG/DXF.

If there is a serious and consistent
use of DWGs/DXFs inside of SketchUp, this is probable a professional situation then, in the long run SketchUp-Pro is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

troy wrote: "we need to make IMPROVEMENTS not backward steps. Focus on DWG/DXF please."

Focusing on DWG/DXF=AutoCAD=proprietary=backwards steps.

Focusing on Collada=open standards=forward steps=Improvements

Keep moving forward, Google, and keep improving!

Wombling said...

It was a bit of an ouch, when I pressed the "upgrade to newer version" button to suddenly find this very useful functionality missing. (thank goodness for the plug-in!)

I'm not a professional 3D artist, nor a professional CAD user. I use Solid Edge 2D Drafting (IMO the best freely avaliable CAD package out there) for planning out my woodworking projects. In the 2D area it is far superior to SU. But completely lacks any 3D support. So when I want to check that my plans are actually going to join together, I exported from Solid Edge and imported into SU. Fortunately both packages supported the AutoCad formats (well you would think that they would - it's pretty much the industry standard no?)

Much as I would applaude the move to a better, more open standard, the problem is, it isn't really a standard that everyone supports yet.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that Solid Edge is upgraded in the future to export to COLLADA, but in the meantime, I'll not be pressing that upgrade/patch button again.

I guess if/when some of the open source projects reach that standard of this version of SU, I'll swap to them - and the possibility of me perhaps being tempted to pay for SUPro (or more likely recommend SUPro to someone who wants a 3D modeling tool) will fade away.

In summary, I really appreciate the functionality I can get with SU, but being able to support a widely used file format (as used by other freely available tools) is not just nice, is it essential.

Thanks for the great software, but I think this change my cause a fair few people to jump ship.



gretsch said...

Well done for removing dwg and dxf importing. You now do not support the industry standard. That's like a gas station saying they are only going to supply wood chips because they have been using it on their converted combine harvesters for the last year and think everyone else should. They may get some support, but the majority of people would go across the road for their gas.

I'm going across the road for my gas.

Alexandre said...

This sucks. Give and then take back. The lollipop story pretty much summed it up. It's your program and you can do what you want with it, but please don't insult our intelligence with this rhetoric: you want people to pay for something they had for free before. Because without CAD import, Sketchup is pretty useless beyond making doodles (which you can make much better by hand anyway).
It's just annoying.

Unknown said...

Well I finally thought I'd try using Sketchup. Been working 2 days to make just a simple outline drawing of a pump. I pretty much decided its useless, now reading this "No dwg/dxf." I am thus assured that this ain't no serious program that can be used for anything other than cheap tricks. Kiss off your $495.
See ya. I'm off to evaluate Blender. I'll write a *.skp converter if I need to post to GE.

Unknown said...

IFC formats would have been a much better move. They are already open 'industry standard' (outside DWG which IS the defacto standard for better or worse; which Autodesk locked us into not Google).

I don't like this move better than anyone else but I do understand it from a business perspective. I would submit however that Google should have waited a little longer.

Stodgy, old, money grubbing, Autodesk has shown some movement in the past few months towards more open practices and more cross platform applications. These are thinks clients have been begging for for years and years, and they have been 'convinetnly' more willing to listen only in the last year or two. It is more than they have shown in many, many years; I think, largely thanks to free tools...the #1 being Sketch-Up Free.

Architects are begging for tools that are more cost effective not only because of the recession but also our 'traditional' razor thin profit margins.

We also need effective and easy training options. Currently we'll have to buy a copy of Revit just to train on it because the 'evaluation' licenses last a paltry 30 days...way to short to get any sort of sense on how we can use a product to our advantage...we do have other things to do; you know.

All that said. I would consider letting the 'free' version of Sketch-Up import DWG/DXF drawings for something like 90 days; then turning the feature off; it could get people to really think about upgrading to pro.

Unknown said...

I can't believe how much whining i'm reading about Sketchup (((FREE))) not supporting dwg/dxf. If you use Autocad for work then you paid somewhere around 4000$ So pay 500$ for Sketchup if it's that important to your workflow.
Google is a business.
They have every right to try and make money on software they're developing.
Count your lucky stars they even offer a free version, if they didn't you might have to try all your quick modelling and rendering in Autocad (gasp...)

Unknown said...

Your decision is understandable. Every CAD/3d modeler app has been confronted with the same issue during it's development cycle - namely the huge overhead in maintaining import/export dwg/dxf compatibility. This is AutoDesk's primary method of controlling the industry and killing the competition - hence, thwarting competition and stifling innovation.

I understand your motives but you have made a mistake in transition. You have walked right into their trap. No matter what AutoDesk will tell you, they will never support Collada and the DWG/DXF format will continue to evolve.

If history serves as a good example, you will spend a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources supporting the dwg/dxf import/export standard which in turn will rob future versions of SketchUp Pro/Free of new and innovative features.

You need to repost your original download link to SketchUp 6 and allow download of the app unsupported. Users can then use SketchUp 6 for import duties, save files as .skp's, allowing them to be opened in subsequent generations of SketchUp and support Collada.

This will allow more AutoCad users to defect from the platform in upcoming years. The switch to an open standard is a great move and one which the industry has been begging industry for at least two decades.

Google has a chance to accomplish this goal and modernize the industry with SketchUp. It would be a shame if it didn't happen.

Unknown said...

Oldschool said...

Guys, surely you did not expect a corporation with financial aspirations to keep going with something free? Google have exploited the concept of Open Source to suck everyone in and make them reliant on Sketchup before introducing the cost. I can guarantee that over the next few 'upgrades' you will see less and less functionality and portability, and more to pay. I wouldn't be surprised if this is a planned business move with pre-written 'explanations' and justifications.

It is a great package for introducing children to the concept of solid modelling and there is a massive range of plugins available, but I have kept the original zips of 6 and 7 for when this happens.
August 30, 2009 12:36 AM
That about sums it up. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, only just read this! Evil! I will be converting full time to Rhinoceros now! I NEED MY DWG/DXF SUPPORT!

Big Chris said...

Seriously, I cannot believe all the crying and whining here. They are NOT removing DWG/DFX support, they are limiting it to the paid version. Even at full price SketchUp is easier & faster to use than many other options out there.
They are NOT stopping you from continuing to use the version you have currently. If you want a new version and have to have DWG support, suck it up and write the check - it's part of doing business.

Unknown said...

I just found out. It's a sad day. A very sad day indeed. I use Sketchup for about 5 or 6 little home projects a year. For most of those I start with DXF from my other apps... CorelDraw, Vizio, AutoCAD. The versions I have of those do not support Pina Collada. Bummer.

Serega said...

Get very dynamic with Google SketchUp Pro!
So that what I want to have with Google Sketchup! More physical dynamics in SketchUp models and components. There could be applied some transitions model of the particles pixelization process into the atomic physical model based on the spring rigidity particles connection.
Particular that means a programming transitions of Sketchup models into the physical particles model during the interaction with its own dynamics of SketchUp components within SketchUp animation plugin, for example. Particular plugin activates during an interaction process of components and the backward transitions after the interaction returns a regular SketchUp model or component with the resulting transformations.

Unknown said...

Please, this has nothing to do with functionality or serving a portion of your client base better. The post above is, at best, disingenuous. Google just found a way to grab a big fat handful of cash. To be real, we all saw this coming - what corporation gives away something so incredibly useful? Open and free, that's the American way, right? ;-)

Unknown said...

I am a sketchup pro user, payed my fee so dont really give a damn, but you make me read the news on the next tome of sketchup and the only news is you are making people pay to import dwg... very cheeky... so whats new(s)???

POSH GmbH said...

DXF/DWG is the industry standard for exchanging 2D CAD data.

Neither Collada nor the also mentioned IGES or STEP Format can replace a DXF/DWG interface.

The DXF/DWG is scrambled by AutoDesk the several last years more and more, the Open Design Alliance ( provides a toolkit developed by reverse enginnering the DXF/DWG format. Google should participate (if not already done) and provide them some money to accelerate development or better buy them and provide the toolkit as open source.

Users who are relying on and making their money with SU shouldn't complain any furhter and simply buy the Pro version, which is only a handful bucks compared w/ professional CAx systems.

not everything has to be free...


Unknown said...

I call bul-shi- on this whole argument. If you can implement dwg/dxf import in SU Pro, then it shouldn't take that much more effort to implement it in regular ol SU. What happen to do no evil?

KasiaS said...

I agree with Facundo: 'so whats new??!!'

SketchUp is really cool, easy to learn and easy to use, but it becomes extremely frustrating and completely useless when used for complex models.

Why don't you develop it furtner?

Differences between v. 5 and 6 and 7 are really minor!

I have to admit, I bought some other software which is also easy to use and which allows me to model quickly and render my models + is stable and very reboost. And it was not much more expensive than your SketchUp Pro.

I think you should push this program further and develop it a lot. Otherwise you may loose too much...

The market of 3d applications is developing extremely fast, at the moment you don't seem to follow the latest trends.

I would be more than happy to pay for a stable version of SketchUp which I could easily handle complex geometry!

KasiaS said...

I agree with Facundo: 'so whats new??!!'

SketchUp is really cool, easy to learn and easy to use, but it becomes extremely frustrating and completely useless when used for complex models.

Why don't you develop it furtner?

Differences between v. 5 and 6 and 7 are really minor!

I have to admit, I bought some other software which is also easy to use and which allows me to model quickly and render my models + is stable and very rebost. And it was not much more expensive than your SketchUp Pro.

I think you should push this program further and develop it a lot. Otherwise you may loose too much...

The market of 3d applications is developing extremely fast, at the moment you don't seem to follow the latest trends.

I would be more than happy to pay for a stable version of SketchUp which I could easily handle complex geometry!

Lord Dragoon said...

I'm not a professional architect but I like SU for building presentations of Signs I design for the Zoo I work at. (A State owned non-profit) I do most of my design in CorelDRAW and since SU doesn't support import of .cdr files I have been exporting elements of drawings from Corel as .dwg or .dxf and importing into SU 6.4. I just upgraded to 8.0 and ran into this import issue. I found a work around but it just adds what should be an unnecessary step in the process. Please attempt to support some common vector file type.

Analogue Alex said...

I was annoyed for a while being a student with a lack of money to spend on pro versions of sketch up on my home computer, but to be fair it is very easy to save a dwg drawing as a 3DS and then import it into google sketch up. A bit clunky perhaps but pretty quick indeed.

kent said...

I would really like to use sketchup because it is a very easy, intuitive program. But the fact that im not about to import plans into it is a major draw back. I think working through revit is a far better option

FiscacaT said...

Can I use the converter with an older version?? like 5 or 4?

collada is for piƱas ... regarding DWF is an epic fail .. is like text editors negate the .doc format

shame of you SU, not purchasing the pro, quitting the free

not the smartest way to gain users

Dan said...

Make CAD import export free like it was in the beginning! We are all on-board because the program reached out to us in the beginning. Trimble, you entered the A/E arena, now show you have more intelligence than just <4" accuracy on field remote sensing devises.

SU has both enthralled and enraged all of its users during its small lifespan. Let's see some real innovation similar to @lastsoftware's initial brilliant ideas, or we might as well just all start learning revit.

-landscape architect