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Featured 3D Warehouse Product: GE Appliances

Do you ever need a piece of furniture or some cabinets for an interior model? If you want to include a real-world product in your Google SketchUp model, it's nice to be able to find it in the Google 3D Warehouse. Why spend time creating it from scratch when someone else has already modeled it, right? That was our philosophy when we came up with the 3D Warehouse: create a free, online repository of components that anyone can use in their SketchUp models.

To keep you aware of the latest and greatest real-world products, we'll be blogging about featured products that are uploaded to the 3D Warehouse. Here's our first featured product:

The folks at GE Appliances have modeled their kitchen and bath appliances and created 3D Warehouse collections for the GE Monogram, GE Profile, GE Café and GE Appliances brands.

According to the GE Appliances team, the models were developed "to meet the requests we were receiving from the design community." See all of their models here.

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Al Hart said...

We've added tools to RpTools to make it easier to place 3D Warehouse components like these into your SketchUp models.

In particular, the ability to rotate the component with the cursor arrows while placing it, and easy tools to nudge or rotate the component after placement.

RpTools was created to make it easier to work with components in the 3D Warehouse and place them into rooms.

Take a look: