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Final Maintenance Release for SketchUp Pro 6

As promised, we’ve got one final maintenance release for all you folks who just can’t let go of your SketchUp Pro 6 install. We found a few niggling bugs and some outstanding security issues to fix, so we thought we’d spin one last build for you. This free upgrade is recommended for all SketchUp Pro 6 users, and is now available for download now. This maintenance release contains no new features, and none of the performance improvements we made in SketchUp 7. It’s just a few bug fixes.

For those of you keeping count, this is the sixth maintenance release we’ve done for SketchUp 6 since it launched in January 2007. That’s been just over three years that we’ve been maintaining SketchUp 6, and it is time for us to move on. From this point forward, we’re focusing all our attention on SketchUp 7 and beyond.

If you’re still using SketchUp Pro 6, I hope you’ll consider upgrading to SketchUp Pro 7.1. Upgrades cost $95, and we can get you up and running with a minimum of fuss on our latest, fastest and most stable release ever.

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|z|y|x| pedals said...

a stupid reason why still keep my sketchup 6 is: the 7.1's measurement bar with google credit etc looks ugly, just like a toy

Lean Office said...

Hello, there is any prospect about launching the sketchup for the Linux platform?

|z|y|x| pedals said...

Google SketchUp for Linux sounds great! wheter its true or not, i sign up here

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Google SketchUp can be run effectively on Linux by using Wine. You can learn more about this at the Wine HQ page "Running Google SketchUp on Wine"

Unknown said...

re: | x | y | z |

I'm sorry you don't like the new icons in the status bar, but I hope you won't let them block you from all the great performance improvements we've made in 7.1. If you're working on large and/or complex models, you would see a significant increase in your productivity if you upgraded.


Aerilius said...

Well, one cannot deny that it works. People just have to try it. But "effectively" is relative ;-)
As this is a topic of utmost actuality (we have to deal with it every week in the forums), I would really enjoy to chat about it and show the current state.

|z|y|x| pedals said...

maybe i need more option in preference so i can personalize my 7.1 he he :)
the dimension tool in layout 2.1 was great
thanks for the Wine
bravo sketchup!

Capricorn said...

Come On, Guys!!! Where is the Ubuntu version of Sketchup??
I love Ubuntu - you know why - but I'm still stuck with a dual-boot XP/Ubuntu system 'cause NO ONE (including Google) - has come out with anything that works as well for me as the old Visio V5!!! (pre-microsoft aquisition of Visio)

onthescene said...

I MUST use older versions of sketchup on my older laptops because they crawl with Sketchup 7., OR the cursor flickers so I can't even draw. I save to older version and take it with me on my portable. Please keep this around for those of us that can't afford to upgrade to the flashier faster computers and video cards

August said...

Hey Google,

Please take a lunch hour and count how many people signing the SketchUp for Linux petitions have mentioned that they would buy the Pro version for Linux. Then consider that they are just the tip of the iceberg.

Wine is not an optimum solution, it's a kludge compared to the performance of the native Win and Mac versions. (I tried running the Win SketchUp under Parallels on a Mac. Yes, it ran, but *tediously*. I assume Wine performance is similar.)

I would bet that if you did a basic port, i.e. just swap header files etc., and then asked for volunteers to help with the hairy parts, perhaps with a promise of a free copy of SketuchUp Pro for Linux to whoever solves each major problem, maybe throw in a Nexus One to whoever is voted by the community to be the Top Contributor, you could do it for a fraction of what you fear.

SketchUp has an enthusiastic community. Linux has an enthusiastic commnunity. The folks who are in both are likely to be pretty rabid and very willing to help you, Google (under NDA of course), make some money to justify salaries, just for what this would do for both communities.

It's a win/win/win. Do it because it's the right thing to do. Asign one person to show off how much he/she can get the community involved and a part-time legal clerk to track the NDAs. Set up a secure Scrum on Google Docs or Wave. Then stand back and watch the magic.

I hope this helps,

Lean Office said...

Really, I take a look at the Google Offices around the world. Designed to maintain people happy, creative and working! A lunch hour with the subject Sketchup for Linux (preferably versionproof)could generate a very good result. Please. Think about it seriously! If you use Ms. Poppendieck approach to Sw development it could be very fast...and lean.

Unknown said...

Linux pro please!

Paulo said...

For years many users are asking for a Linux version of Google Sketchup. And for years we are told to use it through Wine. I really don't think it's the better choice. It's surprising this Google app has no Linux support, despite the company's claims of being Linux friendly.

e said...

Sketch-up PRO, with support please. Wine is NOT PRO, because it is UNSUPPORTED. A core professional tool can't be unsupported by the tool's manufacturer. If ANYTHING goes wrong, regardless of whether it's Wine related... ...end of game. Make a coffee, pack up your desk and go home.