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Google SketchUp For Dummies is out

Posted by Aidan Chopra, Shameless Author

If you've ever written a book, you know what it feels like to see it sitting on a bookstore shelf for the first time. A few days ago, I got to feel that way, too -- I almost started dancing right in the middle of the aisle.

The book I wrote is called Google SketchUp For Dummies, and it's now available at bookstores all over the U.S., Canada and the UK (Amazon has it, too). It took me about five months to write, and it covers both the Windows and Mac versions of Google SketchUp 6 — Free and Pro (including LayOut). At 432 pages, with something like 260 illustrations and a 16-page color insert, it's about 422 pages longer than anything else I've written (excluding my Master's thesis, which doesn't count because no one's actually ever read it). All the same, I like to write, and I like SketchUp, so the book seemed like a worthwhile undertaking. I'm very happy with how it turned out.

I also built a companion website for the book that includes links to videos and other useful stuff I've put together. The videos themselves live on YouTube; I've recorded and uploaded 54 so far, and I plan to add another three dozen or so in the next couple of months. The videos are just me, talking and modeling, so don't be disappointed if you're expecting peppy music and bare midriffs — I'm just not that kind of YouTuber, I guess.

Update I changed the description of what's covered in the book.

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Pablenko said...

I cant believe that someone wrote a 'dummie' book of sketchup, the program itself is actually for dummies (i refer in easy-to-use aspects).
Congrats Aidan i guess your book will be a best seller... ;)

I hope i can get it in Argentina.

A.J. said...

Congratulations on your book.

Paxton said...

Congrats and peppy music might be kind of nice! :)

Aidan Chopra said...


Anonymous said...

I have seen some of your YouTube Videos. They are excellent! I have also ordered your book. I need a good referencebook and your book seem to be what I want.

Andrew said...

Hi Aidan, order the book straight away [i am a sucker for SU books!!] and spent the weekend thumbing through. Well done!! very easy for a newbie to learn from. Also, there are always things that you learn from just spending time reading through other peoples material....
All the best!!

Philipp Lenssen said...

(Please make this blog's logo clickable form archive pages...)

shiou @ jackson & ryan said...

congrats! glad to see your book made it on the shelf! maybe one of these days i'll get the comic book version rolling...

i am recommending everyone to check out your new book b/c sketchup is so cool!

take care

Edson Mahfuz said...

since i saw the book's announcement at the amazon site i had a hunch it was going to be a good book.

it is not, really. it is just wonderfull, well written, fun to go through and full of very useful information even for people, like me, who have read all the books and watched all the videos available.

i just could not get my hands off it. like a good literature book, it sucked me into it and only released me after reading book was finished.

i shall be back for more, i am sure.

congratulations, aidan.

Colin said...

I had decided that I had been using SketchUp long enough on my own to have developed some rather bad habits and be working inefficiently. I had bitten off a project that was also proving tantalisingly promising if only I could get the hang of.... what? So I looked at the astonishingly expensive alternatives listed on the web, then went to Waterstones bookshop here in london,UK and in the computer section found the only copy of SktpfrDummies. It looked like it would be useful, dealt with stuff I had missed in getting on with my project, winging it on the back of my old nodding acquaintance with form•Z. It was there at a knock down price. Yes, I was right, this book has already proved itself so if that makes me a Dummy, so be it. It's well written: as easy an interface as Sktup itself. Ok, I'm only 100 pages in, however I'm not usually one to pick up a computer manual with great enthusiasm as if it were a novel, but that's the effect of Sktpfrdmmees- the Catch22 of computer manuals. I wear it proudly at bus stops and in the tube (no, that's our subway, Dummy). Delighted? I'll say I am, Colin

Ceci said...

Congratulations on your new book.. It will be very helpful!!
Do you know when we can get it in Argentina??

Anonymous said...

Just after I saw the videos you uploaded on YouTube, i decided the book was not worth buying... I mean the videos are great, so why should i buy the book ??
You shouldn't have made these videos available online... ;)

Clayton said...


I'll probably get the dummies book, to add to all the rest I've got on SU.

Question, the U-tube videos, could these be made available for download??

I've got an .flv player, so don't worry about the current format. Just would like them on my PC for furture reference.

Over & out,


Anonymous said...

The videos are great, your book has finally arrived in my mail box and I am reading it right now. It is even more excellent than I expected, and I expected a lot. Keep up the fantastic job and please, give us even more videos.

All the Best

RoboBert said...

Hello I received your book in France through Amazon in the US, just about to finish it...
Great job and thank you.
Is there anyway to get in touch with you?
Best regards, merci!

Aidan Chopra said...


The best way to get in touch with me is to send an email to

Take care,


Amit Dixit said...

Congrats for the book....Maan!
Tutorial CD, with reference scene comes with book or not?

Anyways, Will Check it out when it become available in India.

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