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Build Your Campus in 3D winners announced

Posted by Allyson McDuffie, SketchUp for Education

The results are in for the winners of the Build Your Campus in 3D Competition. The judges chose 7 teams from among the dozens who submitted more than 4000 buildings from higher education institutions all over North America. Without further ado, the schools who will be joining us in Mountain View are:

University of Minnesota | Twin Cities, Minnesota
Purdue University | West Lafayette, Indiana
Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec
Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne | Fort Wayne, Indiana
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering | Needham, Massachusetts
Dartmouth College | Hanover, New Hampshire
Stanford University | Stanford, California

Check out the competition website to see more details about the judges, the rules, the winners, and what they won. There, you can follow a link to see the winning campuses in your copy of Google Earth. Again, congratulations to the winning teams, and a big thank you to everyone who participated.

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Ray said...

looking at all of em, purdue's is pretty impressive but i think dartmouth's is the cleanest and best looking

what does everyone else think?

db said...

The date of posting is missing.

Aidan Chopra said...

Thanks for letting me know, but Blogger only appears to give the date for the first post on any given day. In this case, the post was put up the same day as the next one, so the date (July 17) doesn't appear here.

Thanks again for the heads-up, though!

Anonymous said...

Why it's always gotta be those nerds from Indiana??!! Those nerds I tell you what. J/K.

Anonymous said...

All of the top teams look great! But it is hard for me to see why Stanford ranks with these other groups. Did they win because they are "Stanford". I think this was a great idea for google to host and I just hope nobody got shorted out because of Stanford's entry. Does anyone know when the rest of the campuses will be posted?

Jeff Bloom said...

The Standford team must be just totally exited to take a trip all the way to Mountain View. This is a once in a life time trip for them.

Carl said...

I have to agree with Ray. Dartmouth was the best of the bunch, IMHO. Great work by all involved, though.

Anonymous said...



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