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Make beautiful renderings, win glamorous prizes

Posted by Tom Wyman, Market Development Manager

The folks at Cadalog, who make a nifty photorealistic rendering plug-in for SketchUp called SU Podium, are having a contest. Basically, everyone starts with the same 3D model, and the people who make the nicest renderings (using SU Podium, of course) win. 3DConnexion hardware is available to the first, second and third prize winners. Read all about the contest details.

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Anonymous said...

No Mac support though...uggh. I just read through all of the postings in Podiums forum concerning porting to the Mac OS. The odds are not looking good. Can't you guys kick some Google bucks his way? He can't even get his Mac laptop hooked up to his local network. If this thing works as good as it looks...what a great addition it would be to the SU arsenal!!!


Anonymous said...

Let me add my agreement, SU Podium for Mac yes please!!

Or how about Sketch Up Pro Pro including Podium?
I would pay for that!


Alfonso said...

Es necesario SU Podium para MAC!!!

n-dat said...

this plug-in looks very good
i love SU
i love my mac
let's make this work

Jeff said...

PLEASE bring this to the Mac... I'd buy 8 licenses today if it were available!

Dave said...

Hi, This is David Wayne - president of Cadalog,Inc. We are really interested in releasing a Mac version of Podium. It's up there on our priority list. There's some hurdles to overcome but I dare say, you'll see something within a few months.

Anonymous said...



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