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Back to school, about a month early

Posted by Aidan Chopra, Product Evangelist

I want to make sure that everyone who gives a hoot about SketchUp knows about the terrific podcasts that the folks at School are putting together. Called The SketchUp Show, there are currently almost 30 episodes available. You can sign up for the podcast on iTunes (which delivers them directly to your computer), or just watch them on the School website. Either way, I defy you not to learn something from these guys. My favorite episode (though I have to admit that I haven't watched them all) is number 20, where they talk about (and demonstrate) how to build a model from an imported CAD file. Solid gold.

Incidentally, School is also giving away cool 3D Connexion Space Navigators to people who do any of five different things. If you'd like a new tool, check out the contest details.

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Ursos said...

Yes! I've just started using SketchUp, which is when I found the School video podcast. It's amazing, especially for noobs like me. I've learned so much already, and can't recommend it enough. I mean c'mon, it's free.

Anonymous said...



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