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The all-new SketchUp 3D Challenge

Posted by Tyson Kartchner, Learning Guru

The SketchUp 3D Challenge is celebrating its first birthday! We've had a lot of fun creating the many dozens of challenges we've issued over this past year. It's pretty amazing what SketchUp users can create in the short span of a week. Now, hundreds of models later, we're pleased to announce that the 3D Challenge has been moved to a new community-run blog. In honor of the move, the first challenge will be a redux of the first one we issued a year ago: a chess set. There were a lot of fun entries last time, from traditional ones to sets created from nuts and bolts, driftwood, stone, Lego ... Who knows what y'all will come up with this time around? Check out this album of images from last year's chess challenge for inspiration.

There will be a new challenge every week, so next time you want to improve your SketchUp skills or just have some fun, just check out the latest challenge topic, and start modeling!

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rbedi100 said...

Do we have until Sunday Night EST to complete our entry? Thanks,

Anonymous said...

Just checking if this thing works

Anonymous said...

Hi i'm wondering how i get objects to move so i can make a film with them moving
I need to know the answer
best wishes Tori

Tor H said...

How can i make objekts move?

Anonymous said...



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