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Expert modelers from Down Under

Posted by Matt Simpson, User Interface Designer

The other week I was in our Sydney office to meet the winners of the Build Your Campus in 3D Competition for Australia and New Zealand. I'm happy to report that the three winning teams were:

  • The University of Western Australia: Schools of Computer Science & Physics | models
  • The University of Melbourne: Department of Geomatics | models
  • The University of Melbourne: IT (Faculty of Engineering) and Software Engineering, and Faculty of Architecture | models

You can check out all the competition entries in this collection in the 3D Warehouse.

As part of the prizewinners' event, each of the teams showed the great work they put into the modeling process. I gave them a rundown of what the Google SketchUp team does, what I do for the team, and the role of the User Experience group at Google in general. The winners also (hopefully) got some insight into what happens in our Sydney office. There was some time for play as well: we toured North Sydney, Manly and the rest of the city before we dined at The Rocks on Circular Quay to celebrate the winners' achievements.

Interested in modeling your own campus? This year's Model Your Campus Competition is international -- teams from 37 countries have already registered! Check out the competition website for all the details.

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utiler said...

Hay Matt, Thanks for sharing this; I was one of the lucky judges who was in SYD last November and can confirm that there are some great work coming out of our universities.
Well done to you all!!

Also, thanks to the guys from Google; Lysandra, John, Will and the other AU judges [Karl and Andrew], we had a blast...

Andrew Carter

Anonymous said...



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