Jennifer rearranges her living room

Posted by Aidan Chopra, Product Evangelist

Not long ago, Bryce was hard at work surfing the net when he came across a cool little blog called Jennyology. It's written by a woman named Jennifer who is a pianist and a graphic designer. And a fan of SketchUp, apparently.

Bryce and I think Jennifer's post of February 27th, entitled Arranging the living room, is neat because of its simplicity. What we love is that the post isn't about the software at all -- it's about where the heck she's going to put her enormous piano. She's just going about her business, solving a 3D problem with SketchUp.

Incidentally, an excellent way to spend a couple of hours would be to peruse Jennifer's formidable "Blogs I Read" list (on the left side of her site). I have a feeling that's what Bryce is doing right now.

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Ben said...

This is EXACTLY what I've wanted to use SketchUp for!

Could you guys provide videos/instructions/whatever to aid in creating layouts like these?

Anonymous said...

Hey Aidan - if you want to see another user who uses SketchUp in a slightly different way - check out

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