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Throwing things out of focus

Posted by Tyson Kartchner, Training Guru

SketchUp has some pretty cool display settings, but when you combine some of visual settings from SketchUp with the image editing power of Photoshop, the results can be fantastic. I created a video to show one of the effects you might try: simulating depth of field.

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Anonymous said...

the video does not seem to be working. I watched it yesterday but today (on Firefox and IE7) isn't displaying. FYI

Anonymous said...

This is pretty cool. It goes to show that Sketchup, just like Photoshop, only takes a bit of imagination and creativity to produce stunning images. I'm gonna try this out myself. If I ever get to produce something nice in Sketchup, that is...

Anonymous said...

why not just use the blur, with a specific isolated radius, on original image?

John said...

Nice, one Tyson. I had not occured to me to use the fog and line exports.

I use layer mask technique all the time to produce transparent PNGs.
My procedure:
1. Export the colored scene in SU to a PNG file.
2. Go to the Layer Window in SU, change all layers to black, then opt to color by layer (actually I have an SU template with all black layers)and export as a PNG.
[Too bad SU doesn't automate this as create tranparent tiff or png as an export option]

3. I then open the colored version and the black in version in a photo editing program or in my vector editing program, Xara.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


kmead said...

Very nice how to. In my work I can think of many uses for this (office and hospital interiors) as well as modifying this approach to create nifty stepped effects between rendered and line views. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

For the model in this tutorial, How do you spell the author's name?

Anonymous said...

J-m@n is the author, he's also one of the moderators of the 3d Challenge.

Anonymous said...



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