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Better search for the 3D Warehouse

Posted by Lori Meiskey, 3D Warehouse Engineer

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to type your favorite author's name into the 3D Warehouse and see what 3D models they've built lately? Or to find only Whirlpool washing machines that have the highest user ratings? I'm proud to announce that we've just launched 3D Warehouse Advanced Search.

Advanced Search allows you to hunt for models or collections with a specific author name or with specific words in their title, description, or tags. You can also constrain your search results by user rating or model complexity, or limit them to those that have been selected for the "Best of 3D Warehouse" layer in Google Earth. Let's say you collect car models: You can find all of the Lamborghinis created in the last month. Or you can search for highly-rated American cars that were modified in the last year.

Or maybe you're curious whether someone has uploaded models of buildings in your neighborhood. You can perform a "near" search: Just type your home address into the "Find items that are near this address" field on the Advanced Search page, and click the "Search 3D Warehouse" button. Here are all the geolocated models that are near the White House.

To try out this feature, click the "Advanced Search" link to the right of the search box at the top of every 3D Warehouse page. If you feel like it, use the 3D Warehouse Forum to let us know about interesting searches or especially compelling results you find using Advanced Search. Happy hunting!

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zacheos said...

Sketchup Pro 6 downloads are not working. I have tried multiple times from differnt computers, networks, and days. I am on a T1 now and I cannot get the download to complete. It gets 3 MB into the download and drops indicating that the source file cannot be read.

It is likely that the file on Google's end is corrupt. I have see others with this problem in the help groups but no solution has been found.

I have even tried downloading from foreign resellers and get the same problems (likely because all of the files are hosted at Google).

I have contacted Google, but I will not get a response - as Google has one of the worst customer service models in operation.

Please help if you can... Thanks.

SketchUp Team said...

Hi Zacheos,

Thanks for letting me know you're having a problem -- I've forwarded your message to the relevant folks, and when we figure out what's going on, I'll try to let you know.

Good luck,


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