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Calling all woodworkers

Posted by Aidan Chopra, Product Evangelist

The universe of SketchUp-related blogs and websites is ever-expanding, but one of the best is Design. Click. Build. Thoughtfully written, beautifully illustrated and chock-full of tips and techniques, this blog is required reading for anyone who uses SketchUp. It's written by Tim Killen and Dave Richards, hosted on Fine Woodworking's website, and is updated about once a week. It was launched about a year ago, so there's a rich archive of old posts that you can spend a few hours digging into.

Tim Killen is an accomplished woodworker who specializes in museum replicas of 18th century American and Shaker furniture. His built work is inspiring (especially for those of us who remain traumatized by 9th-grade shop class), and the cool thing is that he designs it and creates shop drawings with SketchUp and LayOut. Tim also teaches classes and maintains a personal blog. Too cool.

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Kent said...

As a woodworker and subscriber to Fine Woodworking magazine I am familiar with the work of these two experts.
I want to comment that I see more and more references to the use of Sketchup on forums and in articles.
I would like to see Sketchup consider developing Tutorials specifically for woodworkers.
If these two gentlemen were willing they would be the perfect candidates to prepare the tutorials.

Anonymous said...

As a FWW subscriber and former autocad user, then turbocad user, now sketchup user...DITTO.

Would love to see some online videos like they currently do for projects using Sketchup.

Would really benefit from things that are not quite so typical. One example is the leg in the woven cherry bench they did several issues back. I had to use turbocad to draw it, then import it. There was an error in the orginal measurements(corrected in the next issue) and I was trying to draw it out and slightly change the size.

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