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Go green for Earth Day

Posted by Chris Cronin, Green Giant

This year, we're celebrating Earth Day with the launch of a new website: SketchUp: Go Green! Our site highlights green projects by design professionals who use SketchUp. One such person is Michelle Kaufmann. Her eponymous architecture firm uses Google SketchUp to create prefabricated single-family and multi-family homes. Check out this video to see her story:
In addition to showcasing green projects, SketchUp: Go Green! features information about:

  • how the solar industry uses SketchUp to design solar system installations for buildings
  • SketchUp-compatible energy-analysis tools that you can use to better understand the environmental impact of your designs
  • other resources that are available for folks who are interested in green design
Speaking of Earth Day, Google's What will you do for Earth Day '08? is definitely worth a visit, too. Aside from the inspirational content, it's a neat implementation of the Google Maps API.

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Lighting said...

Wow this is pretty awesome. Google is coming up with all these new things. SketchUP: Go Green is so cool. For those designers wanting to create a home this would be a useful tool and very knowledgeable information.

Anonymous said...

Love the LOGO for Earth Day!!

Kevin said...

How are walkthroughs created? Do people just download the model to their google earth and then go through the structure there?

Anonymous said...



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