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There's a class for that

Posted by Shara Greenlee, Training Goddess

Feeling stalled in your quest for SketchUp supremacy? Want to be master of your domain on Google Earth? Take your skills to the next level with a hands-on, classroom style learning experience. Announcing the launch of our Authorized Training Center (ATC) program in the US -- we're rolling out our tried and tested curriculum for Google SketchUp and Google Earth through a network of Google-certified training centers throughout the nation.

SketchUp and Google Earth classes are more accessible than ever. Our training centers offer a range of convenient dates, times, and locations. SketchUp Essentials 1 and 2 and Google Earth Pro Basics classes are available at every ATC, led by well qualified instructors. You don't have to explain how you mastered your 3D universe, but we hope you do.

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Anonymous said...

Hello there,

We are a Google ATC in the UK and wondering when the training program
for Google Earth will be released in over here?

Anonymous said...



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