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Chicago planning firm reaches out to the community

Urban planning and community development should be a shared activity. Houseal Lavigne Associates, a Chicago-based planning firm has broken down the walls between residents, business owners, elected and appointed officials to create a truly communal design experience.

Houseal Lavigne Associates uses 3D technology to help visualize new developments and create proposals to present to the community. The city planners use Google SketchUp Pro to create 3D models of developments and proposals to help visualize what the buildings will look like on vacant sites. According to Houseal Lavigne, 3D models created using Google SketchUp are the ideal way to make projects come to life. "It helps the community get excited about what type of development might be most suitable for the property,” says Lavigne. “Google SketchUp has become a constant for our firm for 3D modeling and visualization.” Take a look at the HousealLavigne Associates case study to read more and see the actual plans and models.

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