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Calling all designers: Open Architecture Challenge

At the SketchUp 3D Basecamp last year, we were fortunate to have Cameron Sinclair (Co-founder, Executive Director and "Eternal Optimist" of Architecture for Humanity) as our keynote speaker. Cameron came to the Googleplex, shared his inspirational work, and motivated everyone to get involved in the Sportables design competition.

To kick off 2009, and to get the creative juices of the SketchUp community flowing again, we've partnered with Architecture for Humanity for the Open Architecture Network Challenge. This year's challenge invites the global design and construction community to collaborate directly with primary and secondary school teachers and students to create safer, healthier, and smarter learning environments.

We're encouraging the SketchUp community - that means you! - to get involved. Safe, healthy, and comfortable environments are vital to learning, and you know how to design them.

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astrellei said...

with these there any area requirement for the buildable space?

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