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A new place for your models

Last week, Google released "Place Pages" in Google Maps, which provides maps, reviews, pictures and other information about a place - all in one view. The Place Page shows where the place is located, how to get there, what users have to say about it, and what it looks like.

For many buildings and landmarks, you can also view a 3D model of the building. You can spin the building around and see its front, back and sides. Need to know where the entrance is? Rotate the building to find it. These 3D models were created by 3D enthusiasts , uploaded to the Google 3D Warehouse, and are now available for view by millions of Place Page users.

For example, take a look at the beautiful Cathedral of Dakar in Senegal, modeled by Google 3D Warehouse user "zappy bibicy".

Place Page offers a new venue where millions of people can explore and learn from the 3D models created by Google 3D Warehouse users. Enjoy!

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SittingDuck said...

Unfortunately many place pages choose either an incorrect model or no model at all for a building that has been correctly tagged in the 3D Warehouse.