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Introducing a new Help Forum

As you may know, we've recently launched the Google SketchUp Help Forum alongside the launch of Google SketchUp 7.1. While our previous Help Group was a great resource for answering your questions - helping you find answers, and sharing your expertise with other users - it's our hope that the new forum will be all of that and more.

We've developed many new and exciting features which we think will make it easier and quicker for you to find the answers that you're looking for and chat with others in the SketchUp community. Some of the new things in the Help Forum include:

  • Find answers before you even ask your question! The forum will automatically suggest a similar thread as you begin typing your question in a new post.
  • Mark any reply as "Best Answer" and show this reply right below the original question. If you post a question, you can mark any reply to your question as "Best Answer" as well.
  • Create richer posts by referencing all kinds of online sources, including images and videos.
  • Get to know others in the forum better by creating a useful profile, which includes an avatar.
  • As you build your reputation as an expert, you increase your "level" in the forum. After a while, who knows - you could be the next SketchUp Sage!

If you'd like, you can watch an instructional video about the new Google Help Forums, or you can dive right into the SketchUp Help Forum. It's already hopping and open to new members. We hope you can stop by and say "Hi!"!

Jody Gates, SketchUp Support Team

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