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SketchUp Pro in construction - video case study

The development of virtual construction models is a great way to communicate more effectively, resolve issues before they happen, and save time, resources, and money on construction projects. Our friends at Mortenson Construction have helped us with this video case study that shows how, using Google SketchUp Pro, they were able to develop virtual construction models that helped them communicate more effectively and become more innovative builders. Have a look at the video below for more details:

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gerrrg said...

I hate it when professional people pronounce "TO" as "TAH".
(See 1:02 into the video.)

Back to the subject...SU has been the easiest method for creating 3D vignettes of particular details that need to be fleshed out to avoid problems. Nothing beats a 3D visualization over 2D plans, especially in today's CAD drafting world where line weight is generally meaningless.

The problem I've seen, is that not enough people in construction know or use SU. If more firms would embrace Mortenson Construction's methodology, the entire industry would effectively reduce errors from engineering, architecture and construction.

Tuca said...

Congratulations to the people at Mortenson for the efficient implementation of SketchUp. The multiple animated “Section Planes” were elegant. It is nice to see companies taking SketchUp seriously.
By the way, case studies are helping to get the message across down here.
Arthur Moniz, São Paulo. BR

Russ said...

How did they do the multiple animated section planes? How did the section planes cut some things and not others?

Anyone with an answer would be appreciated. Thanks

Bijendra Thakur said...

Thanks for the article your video was pretty interesting and i hope that i would get some more information on this.

Portable Storage,

cmd said...


The animated section slices are done through the use of multiple Scenes and section planes. If you place a section plane within a group or component, the slicing will only happen to that geometry within the group or component. Check out this quick video to see how this works -