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3D Buildings get smart

(Cross-posted from the Google Lat Long Blog)

The 3D buildings in Google Earth are a great way to understand an area visually, and they just got better at conveying information about the place itself. Currently, you can click on model that was created by 3D modelers using tools like Google SketchUp and Google Building Maker to open a balloon.

Today, we've added two new sections to those balloons: Photos of nearby places and Nearby places.

Not only can you learn more about the place from the balloon, but you can also dig deeper by following the links. Want to see more nearby photos and places? What to learn about the Ferry Building listed as a nearby place? Click the links in the balloon to explore further.

Next time you're exploring a city with 3D buildings, watch for the familiar glow as you hover over a building, and give it a click. You might learn something new about the place.

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fmb said...


seriously, what does it do?

it shows links to googles placepages and panoramio images - aswell as removed the link which content creators were able to set.

moreover it displays sponsored links on those placepages.

smart would be if you:

would provide a few templates
like the "Spreadsheet Mapper 2.0" so that content creators could provide useful information/links aswell as connect their adsense account!


feel free to contact me...

olaf said...

Unfortunately Google Earth is not able to show the balloon in languages, that means all languages that the modelers provide in their model description. It's a pitty that the work that modeler spend for their descriptions is not honored.
But GE does know in which language the user interface is? So why can't it get the correct language from 3d-warehouse?

3dHH said...

With the lastest change of the balloon-layout links like are no longer automaticly clickable, a SERIOUS DISADVANTAGE, please change this feature !!!
Best regards
Michael Manhart

Jon Fournier said...

Why can't I make a regular Collada model clickable in Google Earth, with the regular HTML popup? It would be nice to be able to have a 3D tour of a building in Google Earth (no roof or something) where you can click on different items and learn about them...

Mark Limber said...

Hi Olaf,

I'd like to understand the situation you are describing. How about we take your question over to the 3D Warehouse discussion group? If you have a particular model in mind, a link to it would be helpful too.


daniel john said...

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John said...

Don't understand -
Photos of nearby places and Nearby places.