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How are you using LayOut?

Over the years, we've gotten to know a lot about how our customers are using SketchUp Pro. What we've learned has helped us to educate professionals in other, related fields, and has done a lot to influence the development of our product. In short, we love to see what you do with the tools we make.

When it comes to LayOut -- SketchUp Pro's 2D companion app -- I think there's an opportunity for us to learn even more. Since LayOut 2 launched in late 2008, we've seen a huge increase in usage, but we don't have as many user stories as we'd like. We want to know more about how folks are using LayOut, and we want to see (and show off) more examples of the inspiring work that's being done.

If you're using LayOut, we'd love for you to take the time to tell us how: Please submit a case study (it doesn't need to be very long) by following the instructions at the bottom of our Case Studies web page. We'll do our best to feature your work on our blog, in the SketchUpdate newsletter, and on our website. Any architectural LayOut documents that we receive may also be showcased in our booth at the AIA National Conference this year -- fame and glory in Miami!

This is a great way to get your name out into the community; you'll also be helping us to understand more about the uses of LayOut in a variety of industries. To submit, just check out our Case Studies web page. When you're attaching files, it would be great to have your original LayOut file; it makes printing a whole lot easier (don't worry -- we won't share your original files with anyone).

One more thing: You can also find great examples of other people's submissions by filltering this blog for User Stories. Thanks, and we can’t wait to see what you’ve done.

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Term Papers said...
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James said...

I've been invited to hang a temporary exhibition of some of my paintings at other than my home. I know the size of each and of the three spaces available. Time is running out. How many can be plotted before taking then to hang?

hzioh said...

Layout has been on my computer for years now and I only had to use it once. It's just as awesome as sketchup, but the curve tool kinda made my work lot difficult. I searched for an option where I could switch the 'curve' tool into a 'straight line maker' tool. I figured out that pressing shift makes it straight, but I had always forgot about it :( I hope this was helpful or something :>