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SketchUp Mobile Viewer: now available for Android tablets

Remember a few months back when we launched the SketchUp Mobile Viewer app for iOS? Well, today, we're happy to tell you that an Android version of the SketchUp Mobile Viewer is now available on the Google Play Store.

Say hello to the new SketchUp Mobile Viewer for Android

Version 1.0 of the Android viewer is officially available for devices with a 7-inch or larger screen size, running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or above. It is highly recommended that your device have at least 1024Mb of RAM.

So, Androiders (that's a thing, right?): the entire 3D Warehouse—artisan armchairs, double-hung windows, Hello Kitty 777’s and anything else you can imagine—is waiting for you to mutli-touch it on the SketchUp Mobile Viewer. Go ahead: orbit to your heart’s content!

Posted by the SketchUp Team

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Kurt Meister said...

Cool, but spending ~9$ for a mobile viewer is quite a lot.

Jarrett Nash said...

Such a steep price for a viewer. What is the plan for full Sketchup on Android? I don't want to buy this if the full version of Sketchup is released for $19.99 at a later date.

Anonymous said...

is it available for Itunes also and what cost :)
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It's nice to have a smooth and easy-to-use mobile app for viewing skp model.
I've looked forward this for a long time.

however, since it is an official viewer, I hope at least this app can handle most of the practical features to suit its name, like:
1. layer on/off control
2. precisely camera adjustment
(like fov & height)
3. add/save new scenes.

it will be wonderful if the v2 have more advanced functions like styles and marking/measuring.
I anticipate these future features very eagerly.

but for now,
this v1.0 seems have a lil' problem when I used,
it is very weird to have standard views feature but cannot turn to the parallel projection view, that made every single standard view being tilted, please fix it soon.

anyway I still appreciate for your works, thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hey David, I believe they made an ios version already two months ago. I was disappointed not to have it on android but now it's great to finally have a proper SU viewer on my tablet. The next really great thing would be to enable scenes in the viewer! Huge reduction on drawings and info- just communicate the model to the contractor.

Greico said...

Does the model have to reside in the Sketchup Warehouse or can I upload a SKP?
Tom Greico

Sanjay Kumar Negi said...

Is it also available for android phone?

Mark Huck said...

This app would be perfect but I see that the app cannot be accessed by a Kindle from Google Play Store. When is a Kindle version of this app being released?

Cino Cihan said...


Eugene Kuleshov said...

With a free desktop viewer, a $10 for a mobile one seem odd, even it is not much.

Though from screenshots posted to Google Play the app look like a port of ios app with a help of something like Apportable, i.e. doesn't look and feel as a real Android app.

OrcinasAdamantos said...

I would have bought it right now. But Google is a bunch of haters and has limited this app to screens of 7" or larger. WTF? My phone has more HP than half of the tablets out there. I CAN run this with no problem. Allow us Androids with power to be able to run this. Or I will have to expose to everyone how to dual-boot a Linux OS and run Sketchup on it. Then they wont have to buy your app. Like they already are not doing. 8 people so far? Thats because you 1 charged for it. And its only a viewer, not a modifier. And 2, you hated on phones/ smaller screens.

Come on, my phone totals 10GHz, with 2GB of RAM, 5.2" 1920x1080 screen. I think thats better than the tablets you used to display your product.

Wake up Trimble!

StrayKatStudio said...

Yay! Finally!
Some feedback: The Cameras menu takes up about 2 inches too much on the screen. There isn't much point in flipping through Scenes if the model is obscured.
Also, if the Scenes don't actually show the Layer changes (most of the scenes on my latest model have the roof removed, or the roof and top floor removed), then those Scenes are pointless.
But I understand that this is just the first version. It seems great for outside-only viewing. Perhaps I'll upload roofless and floor-specific model versions of my buildings to the 3D Warehouse and just switch to a different model if I need to show the inside views.
Is there an ideal website or forum where you'd like us to send in feature requests / bug reports?

aradhana nigam said...

Google play the apps screen short. It is quite surprising $10 apps for mobile.
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Maxim Dushniak said...

Do you plan to release a version for Kindle Fire?